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Top Reasons to Hire Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are independent insurance experts who can be hired by policyholders who want to file compensation claims and who need professional representation during the claims process in order to maximize the compensation paid by the insurer. If you are faced with a situation that requires action by your insurer and you are in the process of filing a compensation claim, you have several good reasons to hire an insurance adjuster – here are the most important ones:
  • Adjusters know the insurance industry very well and they have experience working with insurance companies, and the best Fort Smith roofing companies available so they can make sure that the form and the contents of your claims file will meet all the legal requirements.
  • Insurance adjusters are hired by the policyholder, not by the insurer, which means that they represent the policyholder’s best interest in the negotiations with the insurer.
  • According to statistics, clients represented by an independent adjuster obtain compensations that are up to 5 times higher than the compensation obtained individually, without assistance from adjusters.
  • Most adjusters work on a contingency basis, so they get paid only if and after they obtain a compensation for their client, so if you hire one of these insurance experts, you don’t need to worry about having to pay them out of your pocket.

What Are Some Good Fire-Retardant Roofing Shingles?

Modern roofing material manufacturing technologies have come up with shingle products that provide protection not only against humidity and temperature variations, but against fire as well. If you are looking for fire-retardant shingles to install on your home or on your commercial building, here are the best materials that you can use:
  • Asphalt reinforced with fiberglass – the material does not ignite and it does not spread fire either, so it is an excellent choice for buildings in fire-prone areas says some of the best Fayetteville roofing companies in town;
  • Metal shingles – made from galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel, these shingles are non-combustible and they do not distribute the fire either. Metal shingles are easy to install as well and they are suitable for any climate;
  • Concrete shingles – these shingles are somewhat heavier than asphalt, therefore they are not suitable for any building, but they have excellent fire-retardant features, too.
Fire-retardant roofing shingles provide excellent protection against fires, but to make the most of them you need to pay attention to the underlayment on which your shingles rest, too. Use fire-retardant materials under the shingles to avoid fire hazards and also pay attention to the environment around the house, inspecting the trees in the area, trimming the branches that can damage your roof and making sure that the house perimeter is free from materials that can catch fire, such as firewood and debris.

Roofing Flashing Explained – What Is It and What Makes It Such an Important Roof Component?

Roofing flashing is a relatively small, but extremely important part of any roof, just ask any of the Fort Smith roofing contractors. It consists of pieces of material installed in roof areas where two roof parts are joined and its role is to strengthen and to waterproof the area weakened by the discontinuity caused by the joining process. Flashing is used on all types of roofs – whether you have shingle roof or tile, metal or membrane roofing, you need flashing around chimneys, skylights and other types of inserts as well. Roofing flashing needs to provide superior protection in the area of application, therefore it is made from impervious, corrosion resistant material, such as special metal alloys, usually galvanized steel copper aluminum or rubberized asphalt. Flashing installation requires special knowledge, so it is recommended to hire expert roofers for the task. The installation method varies depending on the peculiarities of the area where the flashing will be fixed, but the process usually involves the usage of special adhesives and professional tools. Flashing installation is obviously done on the roof and many of the adhesives need to be melted before being used, so flashing installation requires not only expertise, but special safety measures, such as the usage of safety equipment, protective garments and non-slip shoes as well.    

The Arkansas Construction Job Market

National indicators show that the construction industry is generally recovering from the recession; however, in some states, things seem to be quite slow in this direction, and Arkansas is one of them, although constructions represent a very important sector of the local economy. Residential construction in particular generates a significant number of jobs including skilled labor for Fayetteville roofing projects, real estate tax revenue etc. Recent trends show that local houses tend to be more costly and more valuable and, consequently, fewer are being constructed. The high price of housing in Arkansas is mainly caused by infrastructure development costs, which have escalated lately. If we add duplexes and apartments to residential homes, we get a not-so-great picture: construction of these units remains very low. Construction industry has been robust in previous years, not to mention that other states have recovered well after the recession. Why is Arkansas different? First, interest rates are still low and the population in the state is not growing at the same rates as in other states and has been less mobile since the recession. The situation is similar in the case of commercial construction too. Statistics show that the current residential and commercial construction is more than 50% lower than before the crisis.    

Product Ideas for Finishing Your Garage Floor

Do you want to have a garage both functional and presentable? First, you can think of it as a good place for various activities, not just for keeping your car in a protected environment. Surely, the garage will be mainly used for car related activities, but crafts, exercising, or meetings with friends represent activities that can also be organized in such a place. One of the important aspects you will need to consider is choosing the right floor. Remember that the garage is the place with the heaviest and most intense traffic from around your home. In most of the cases, you will see garage pictures that have a gray glossy floor finish. This type of flooring is obtained with paints based on epoxy resin and is probably the most common garage flooring solution. However, it is not the only option. If you prefer a more refined decor, also suitable for when the place changes quickly into a social environment, you can opt for porcelain tiles or klinker tiles. Many ceramic producing companies have special collections of flooring materials, with attractive and very durable designs. The same resistance and durability can be found in floors covered with microtoppings, acidified concrete or decorative epoxy resins. Surprising and resistant, microtopping floors are made of special cement, modified by the addition of polymers, and are applied in very thin layers. The finish is very smooth, durable, decorative, with non-slip properties and comes in many colors.  The quality Bentonville roofing companies such as Richardson Roofing agree there is nothing like the installation of durable long lasting products for the state of Arkansas.