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Why Are Summer Roof Inspections Important?

Summer Time Roof Inspections Are Important A good maintenance of the roof by a trained Bentonville roofing contractor in your area guarantees its firmness and tightness for many years. In summer, only a few simple actions are needed to make sure everything is in order and the roof will cope with any seasonal storms.
  • Clean the gutters to remove dirt, twigs and leaves. Clean the mold formation with special solution without damaging the tiles. Rip off the vegetation that invades the gutters or threatens to lift up the tiles.
  • To detect any cracks, examine the roof from inside the attic, on a sunny day. Wherever the light penetrates, water will also make its place.
  • Check if the roof framing is not affected by xylophage insects; their presence is signaled by tiny holes in the wood structure, or saw dust on the floor.
  • If you identify damaged tiles, replace them immediately. Changing a tile or filling a crack does not require much experience, only some skills and, of course, prudent climbing on the roof.
  • If you have a metal roof, summer is a good time to consider repainting it.
  • If you have a mansard roof, you should also inspect the attic windows because they are just as exposed to environmental factors as the roof. Do not forget to check the isolation around them because they may allow the most significant air transfers.

Best Types of Siding For A New Home

Vinyl Siding Advantages All types of siding have their advantages, but probably the most popular today is vinyl siding, suitable for all types of buildings and versatile enough to mimic remarkably well the aspect of other materials, such as wood. The benefits of vinyl siding Siding boards are lightweight and therefore easy to transport. Installations does not require specialized knowledge, but only a couple of skilled individuals, able to follow the manufacturer`s indications. Although a good Fayetteville roofing contractor has much experience and can make the job look easy, they also warranty their work.  The material itself is not vulnerable to weather conditions, therefore vinyl siding can be installed at any time of the year. It does not require painting throughout its life cycle. Vinyl is a non-toxic material, which does not burn, is resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions, biological agents and most chemicals. It is excellent for being installed along with thermal insulation and it keeps the facade ventilated, through the holes existent in each board. Boards fastening and accessories simplify installation and reduce assembly time. PVC siding is very easy to maintain. It only requires to be cleaned once a year or so. You should scrub the surface using a brush to remove dirt, and then rinse it with water, using a garden hose. Do not worry about the color, as it will not fade away, considering that it permeates the material.

How To Tell If a Roofing Company Puts Quality First

Putting Quality First The roof is an essential component of a building and its integrity and durability largely depend on its installation. In these circumstances, every residential and commercial owner is preoccupied to find the best roofing contractor that always puts quality first. There are various different tips on how to choose a good company and make sure that you get exactly what you paid for. First, the roofing contractor must have business license, local references, roofing credentials, as well as carry general liability insurance and workers compensation. Another thing that you must take account of is getting recommendations from other people (previous clients of the roofing company), because the word of mouth is good advertising and happy clients are a proof that the company invests efforts in the quality of the provided services. If a contractor encourages you to spend too much money on repairs, be careful, even if you get the promise of insurance compensation. Check the roofing contractors with the Better Business Bureau. In most of the cases, you should be able to find there enough information and reviews to determine whether you are dealing with a reliable company or with a scam.  You can tell a good roofing company by their website, take a look at for instance.  You can find previous client reviews and so much more about the contractor and the quality of work they do.

Does Your Home Have Proper Attic Ventilation?

roof top ventilation system Effective attic ventilation, whether the attic has been transformed into a living space or not, ensures that the structure of the roof is kept dry and greatly reduces the risk of damage. Therefore, it is safe to say that ventilation maintains the good condition of the roof, by preventing condensation vapors.  In fact, the roofing companies Bentonville homeowners call on will tell you the importance of proper roof ventilation. Adequate attic ventilation depends on some factors correlated with air draft and wind pressure. Poor ventilation leads to negative results, reflected in higher energy bills and costly roof damage. The amount of moisture accumulated in the roof structure reduces the efficiency of the insulating material, allows the development of bacteria, as well as mold formation. Some insects also prefer humid environments and they may damage the wooden structure. Humidity is caused not only by condensation, but also by rain and vapors coming from the living space. It is not possible to protect the roof structure 100%, even when a vapor barrier is installed, but proper ventilation is a priority to keep the roof structure as dry and healthy as possible. Choosing the right ventilation solution is essential to achieving the performance goals set in a project, whether we are talking about renovating or installing a new roof, so make sure to hire expert roofers and respect their advice.

What Does Hail Damage on Your Roof Look Like?

All types of roofs are sensitive to hail, but hail damage affects different types of roofs differently, so here are a few of the signs that tell you your roof has sustained hail damage:
  • Asphalt and composite roofs – the signs of damage are the least visible in the case of these two types of roofing. Look for dimples that are soft to the touch and for areas where the surface granules have been displaced or completely ripped off,
  • Wood shingles – look for cracks and for chipped parts around the edges,
  • Metal roofs – round dents and punctures are the most conspicuous signs of hail damage in the case of metal roofs,
  • Tile roofs – roof tiles tend to crack when they get hit by hail stones or you can find tiles with chipped edges. When hail storms are accompanied by harsh winds, you may find that some of your tiles have been swept away by the storm.
When you check your roof for signs of hail damage, take a look not only at the roofing surface, but at other components, such the gutters, the gutter covers, the flashing, the vents and the chimneys – the damage signs on metal components will be the same as in the case of metal roofs.  As you are probably aware, it’s best to have Bentonville roofing experts inspect your roof, as they know exactly what to look for when it comes to hail damage.