roofing contractor partial roof installation Roof maintenance in the fall is as important as checking your HVAC for problems that could lead to the furnace breaking down in the middle of winter. Even though a faulty roof will not necessarily lead to the same repercussions right away, it can cause a lot of problems in the long run, including allowing heat to escape your home, as well as leading to leaks and requiring expensive repairs down the line.   Proper roof maintenance in the fall is based on a set of steps meant for preventive care, so that your roof doesn’t develop faults that could end up causing you a lot of problems and costing a lot of money to fix by the spring. This can include such activities as clearing debris, checking for mild damage and evaluating the overall state of the roof – for example checking to see if old repairs are still holding.   Other maintenance tasks should also include mild, preventive repairs and upgrades designed to ensure that the roof will be prepared to deal with the harshness of the winter cold and strong winds of a blizzard. You might even consider having a Bentonville roofing contractor do a partial roof replacement or completely replacing your old roof, if you feel like it’s not strong enough or that it can’t deal with much more damage.