metal roofing advantages companies choice A metal roof is a great choice for any building because, besides the great protection provided against the elements, it also has a positive impact on the building’s performance. There is no question that the benefits of a metal roof outweigh those of traditional shingles and include: Low operating and maintenance costs: a metal roof requires minimum maintenance, as it is not prone to the problems developing on other roofs, such as moisture or vegetation growth. This type of roof must only be kept clean and repainted periodically, when you notice scratches or paint peeling, to prevent corrosion). Energy efficiency: with a metal roof, you will pay more upfront, but there will be tons of savings in the long run, including in terms of energy-efficiency. This type of roof has great reflective properties, which can help you save up to 40% of the cooling costs in the summer. Eco-friendliness: a metal roof is 100% recyclable and a preferred choice by Bentonville roofing companies alike. Longevity: for a metal roof, you can get warranties of up to 50 years and, unless you relocate, it can be the only roof you will ever have to install. Durability: a metal roof has very long lifespan and is a very good match for extreme weather conditions. Fire-resistance: most metal-roofs are eligible for Class A when it comes to fire-resistance, which means they are fire-safe.