Heat Resistant Roofing Heat-resistant roofing is not only an asset, but it’s also extremely necessary in some instances. If you live in the south, where the heat during summer can reach exaggerated levels, or in an area where there are lots of forest fires, you will want to protect your home from excess heat as much as possible. This is where products such as fire and heat-resistant roofing materials come in.   Despite what some might believe, there are actually a lot of roofing materials that have a pretty great rating when it comes to being heat-resistant. Even wood, which doesn’t necessarily have a very good fire resistance rating in most cases, is still an excellent choice for providing your home with added insulation during the summer.   However, some of the best materials you can use are metal, slate and concrete as an expert Bentonville roofing contractor will tell you. While having an excellent fire-resistance rating, these materials will also keep the heat out of your home quite effectively. When you choose a new roof, aside from making sure it has light and reflective colors, you should also consider one of these three materials to make sure you can prevent heat and UV radiation coming from the sun from entering your home and requiring you to use your AC system excessively.