How Roofing Companies Become Experts Did you know there are actual, accredited roofing apprenticeships in the United States? Roofing is a serious job that requires extensive training and knowledge, and can sometimes be compared to the most difficult jobs in the construction industry. Roofers become roofers only after years of training and studying, and the result is that they can tackle most types of roofing jobs without even flinching.   In most cases, you can become a roofer without any background in construction, masonry or other related fields. However, the process will be longer. Typically, beginners engage in an apprenticeship program that teaches them all about specific types of roofing and provides them with the technical training they need as well.   If you have a certain level of experience and/or training, you can also enroll in an intensive roofing course that will teach you more advanced lessons. These types of courses are typically much shorter than a fully fledged apprenticeship, some of them even lasting as little as 5 days.   Whether you’re an experienced roofer like or a newbie, there’s always something to learn from these courses. In the end, the result has to show that your skills have improved, and that’s precisely what you get for your money. That is how inexperienced roofers become the best roofing experts in the industry.