Is A Warranty Important? The short answer is “Yes,” and there are some good reasons behind it. First, a warranty protects you against poor workmanship. Many severe roofing problems have a faulty installation at their origin. A new roof represents a significant financial effort for a homeowner and everybody tries to find one of the experienced and reliable Fort Smith roofing companies for such a project, but sometimes things may go wrong no matter what we do and it is important to have a warranty to protect your investment and keep additional costs away. Reliable roofing companies carry a workmanship guarantee of up to 15 years and a warranty should back that up for 2-3 years of installer flaws. It may not seem that much, but most of the problems related to a flawed roof become visible in the first two years. If you are worried that your roofer might not be in the business anymore when you will need it, you should also consider a top tier warranty, which makes the warranty transferable and provides coverage for labor issues for 25 years. Warranty also protects against defects in the materials used for your roofing project. This aspect is very important considering that the materials play a key role in the roof`s durability, thus in your home`s energy efficiency and comfort.