Things You Should Know About Roofing Installation Maintenance Whether you just moved into a brand new home as a first time home buyer, or you had a unique roof installed after the old one was damaged beyond repair, it might be important to consider some of the maintenance requirements of your roof. As many experts will tell you, the roof is one of the most essential and vulnerable parts of your home, and you need to take proper care of it, if it’s to survive for decades on end.   Depending on the type of roof you own, the maintenance requirements will vary. Metal roofs are famously low-maintenance, as the only things you need to look out for include rust, dented parts of the roof or ventilation issues brought about by a poor installation job.   With other roofs, you’ll also have to look out for problems like termites and other pests, as well as debris clogging the gutter system and possibly leading to future water damage.   Regardless of the type of roof you own, it’s usually best to consider a regular maintenance plan and to even hire one of the professional Fort Smith roofing companies to check it out at least once per year. Bi-annual maintenance is usually the best approach, as you never really know the impact that the thawing of snow, increased precipitation in the spring or autumn or the sudden freeze of November and December might have on a roof that you don’t yet know a lot about.