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Questions To Ask During The Roof Inspection Process

Ask The Roofing Companies The Right Roof Inspection Questions When you hire a roofing specialist to inspect your roof, you really should take an active role in the inspection process. There are many people who prefer to stay away because they are unsure about what to ask; don`t be one of them! There is no need to feel bad for asking questions even if you do not have roofing knowledge or experience. It is your roof after all. You must be sure that the person who inspects it is a specialist you can trust and that you get adequate information from them. Before the beginning of the inspection process, ask the inspector about his/ her credentials. You must ensure that you are dealing with one of the licensed and insured Fort Smith roofing companies, otherwise his/ her so-called expertise means nothing and will bring you no real benefits. Ask the specialist about the stages of the inspection. Which are the parts of the roof they will focus on? If the inspection reveals no problem, ask about potential vulnerabilities and how can they be properly addressed. Will the inspector also provide photo documentation? Make sure you get a roof inspection report in writing, detailing the observations, analysis and infrared scans, providing diagrams outlining problem areas, photos, recommendations, repair costs, as well as an estimation of the remaining lifespan of the roof.

Aiming to Use the Best Heat-Resistant Roofing Materials for Your New Roof

Heat Resistant Roofing Heat-resistant roofing is not only an asset, but it’s also extremely necessary in some instances. If you live in the south, where the heat during summer can reach exaggerated levels, or in an area where there are lots of forest fires, you will want to protect your home from excess heat as much as possible. This is where products such as fire and heat-resistant roofing materials come in.   Despite what some might believe, there are actually a lot of roofing materials that have a pretty great rating when it comes to being heat-resistant. Even wood, which doesn’t necessarily have a very good fire resistance rating in most cases, is still an excellent choice for providing your home with added insulation during the summer.   However, some of the best materials you can use are metal, slate and concrete as an expert Bentonville roofing contractor will tell you. While having an excellent fire-resistance rating, these materials will also keep the heat out of your home quite effectively. When you choose a new roof, aside from making sure it has light and reflective colors, you should also consider one of these three materials to make sure you can prevent heat and UV radiation coming from the sun from entering your home and requiring you to use your AC system excessively.

What Can You Do to Deal with Hail Damage on Your Roof?

How To Deal With Hail DamageEven though hail damage can be hard to deal with,  you can get through it easily with just a few steps. Experts suggest,  however, that homeowners and business owners who are serious about keeping their roofs in good shape should also take the necessary steps to prevent future damage as well.   The first thing to do,  when you suspect that your home or building was damaged by hail,  is to get up to the top of your roof and examine the damage firsthand. Take care to follow all the safety tips that experts with local Fayetteville roofing companies would recommend,  and make sure you do a thorough sweep of the roof to avoid missing out on subtle damage that cannot be seen right away.   Next,  consider whether the damage you saw can be fixed as part of a quick DIY repair project. In most cases,  a few dents and broken shingles can be repaired with ease. But when you also have to deal with damaged flashing and parts of the inner structure of your roof that were damaged by hail or rainwater,  it’s usually best to bring in the pros.   The best course of action is to be prudent and avoid getting into a complicated project on your own. A local team of roofers would be more than prepared to tackle the issue for you.

Why Is Reflective Roof Paint So Popular in the Roofing Industry?

Painting Roof With Reflective PaintReflective roof paint is known to be one of the most popular types of roof paints available. While some types of paint are just for show,  reflective paint has a lot of very important benefits that experienced roofers will never cease to praise.   One of the main advantages of reflective roof paint is its aesthetic value. Basically,  it goes with just about any color,  it can fit almost any setting and any siding texture,  and its a beautiful choice when you need something catchy to spice up the exterior appearance and curb appeal of your house.   Another advantage is that this paint is capable of reflecting not just visible light but the harmful UV rays of the sun as well. This fact has important implications since the paint can actually protect your home from excess heat,  thereby protecting your health and your wallet at the same time. There will be no more need to spend an excessive amount of dollars on electricity to power your air conditioning, and the HVAC system itself will also be protected from future damage due to overuse.   Reflective roof paint is definitely an underrated product that is sure to come in handy regardless of whether you’re looking to spice up the appearance of your home or keep it safe during those hot summer days.  Find ways to improve your roof at

Considering the Most Fun and Creative Ways to Show Off Your New Roof

A New Roof Adds To Curb AppealIf you have a brand new roof,  its a good idea to show it off and make it as visible as possible for everyone in your neighborhood to see it. While this outcome can be obtained through some simple, regular means such as cutting down trees from around your home or painting your house in colors that highlight your roof’s color,  there are many other,  more interesting,  creative and eco-friendly ways to do it.   Consider having a Fort Smith roofing contractor install a new skylight and additional accessories such as brand new gutters that bring visitors’ attention to your roof. Also,  you can add a colorful chimney design or even install reflective roof coating or use reflective roof paint.   Another method to show off your roof is by surrounding it with a lovely nature scene. Plant trees and large bushes strategically around your home so that the contrast between the color of the roof and the leaves and flowers will show magnificently,  especially on beautiful,  sunny days when your roof reflects the sunlight and shines through the spaces left by the trees.   These methods of showing off your roof are not just meant to be aesthetic but practical as well. You’ll find that most experts will recommend them for keeping your roof looking great and remaining durable in the long run as well.