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Effects Of Hail On A Roof

Preparing For Changes In Weather Climate can be capricious and severe weather phenomena can damage a roof; hail is one of the most dangerous and a Fayeteville roofing contractor should always explain the risks to their clients and help them choose the most resistant materials. Manufacturers` warranties normally will not cover hail damage, but you should still try to determine whether such coverage is available, especially if you live in an area prone to frequent and severe summer storms. Can you easily detect hail damage? Not necessarily. Hailstones have different size and density, therefore the signs they leave on a roof are more or less visible. The damage also depends on the resistance of the roof. There are roofing materials susceptible to be more easily damaged by hail (ceramic tiles) and also materials designed to be very resistant to impact (metal, slate). Sometimes it takes the experience of a specialist to identify hail damage on a roof, therefore building owners should call roofing specialists and schedule inspections after each severe weather phenomena. The most common type of hail damage
  • Loss of shingles granulation
  • Cracks, dents and splits in the shingles
  • Small deformations
  • Exposed or fractured fiberglass mat
  • Loosening of the self-seal strip
  • Gutters punctures or denting

Getting Your Roof Ready For Hail Damage

Keep Your Roof Protected From Hail Damage One thing is well known by everyone, when it comes to the evolution of weather: it is unpredictable. Over its lifetime, a roof will face different meteorological phenomena and they will be sometimes severe. Its main role is to protect the building from the weather, but bad weather and especially hail can cause serious damage to a roof. Among the roofing materials most susceptible to be da maged by hail are those made of ceramic. We recommend that you pay attention to the potential weather consequences on your roof, to prevent costly problems. Ideally, roof system manufacturers should inform and explain to the owners the damage that hail can cause and how they should act if they experience such problems. At the same time, the owners of the buildings should check the clauses in warranty certificates to see if they cover damage caused by hailstorms. If you want to be sure that your roof is resistant enough, you should consider installing materials resistant to impact. Like we said before, ceramic tiles should be avoided if you live in a region prone to frequent summer storms, because hail may crack or dent ceramic tiles. Impact-resistant roofing materials include:
  • Metal roofing or standing seam roofing
  • Stone coated metal shingles
  • Natural or synthetic slate roofing
For more information, and getting your roof prepared for Spring rain and thunderstorms, look to

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Every Spring

The drainage system of a roof, also known as pluvial system, or system for controlled evacuation of rainwater, is one of the elements that may affect significantly the health of a building and the indoor comfort. It has the role of collecting the rainwater from the roof and directing it, through the gutters, away from the building.

Spring Is A Great Time To Do Roof And Gutter Maintenance

Avoiding problems is possible from the very beginning, by choosing a quality drainage system, with components made of durable and easy-to-maintain materials. Another important aspect to consider is its installation. If performed correctly, installation ensures the durability of the system and, implicitly, the protection of the entire building. For professional installation contact a local Fort Smith roofing contractor experienced in gutters.

In order to maintain its functionality, the pluvial system must be inspected periodically and cleaned of debris. Postponing maintenance and necessary repairs can generate very high costs in the future, because of water infiltrations and their destructive action on a building`s structure and aspect.

It is recommended that you hire a specialist twice a year, in early spring and late autumn, to check and clean the gutters, just to make sure that they are ready to withstand the weather in the seasons to come. Additionally, if the pluvial system has to be replaced completely, the specialist will know how to correctly install each element.

Common Mistakes Made During Roof Repair

Common Mistakes Made In Roofing

Nobody wants to have problems with their roofs, but unfortunately they happen and you must know the best course of action in such situations.

The most common – and huge! – mistake that people do is to neglect minor roof problems, postponing repairs until they have more money or more time to deal with them. What seems to be a not-so-important issue can transform very quickly into a disaster that will cost you much more money than if you would have one of the local Bentonville roofing companies perform the repairs in the right time.

There are other common mistakes made during the roofing repair process. We include a few examples.

Old or damaged shingles are not replaced, but covered

This only creates places where dirt and moisture will be collected. Removing shingles is not so complicated, so do it the right way and remove all old or damaged roofing materials before installing the new shingles.

Old flashing is reused instead of replaced with new flashing

Even if it may appear to be in good condition, reusing old flashing make it more likely to wear down much quicker than it should.

Using nails that are too short

Properly fastening the shingles is a very important operation that requires nails of a certain dimension; otherwise there is the risk of shingles loosening and premature replacement.

Can Your Roof Handle Solar Panels?

Solar Panel on Roofing System

Solar panels for residential users, as an alternative to traditional electricity, represent a novelty. And just as it happens with all the new things, there is some reluctance on the part of those who are considering different options to decrease their electricity consumption and did not make yet the decision to install solar panels.

One undeniable thing when it comes to solar panel systems is the financial advantage for those who install them at home. Solar energy is free, and modern solar panels give you the opportunity to fuel or heat your entire home, without the need for electricity supplied by large companies.

But can your roof handle solar panels?

This is the first aspect you should take into consideration. If your roof does not receive too much sunlight exposure, then your home may not be the perfect candidate for installing solar panels.

The second condition of a roof that can handle such a system is to have a solid structure, and getting an inspection from one of the licensed Fayetteville roofing companies is important. Solar panel have a lifespan of up to 25 years, so before installing them you should make sure the roof beneath is in the best shape. If your roof needs renovation, it is best to do it before mounting the solar panel system.