roofing productsLocated in the southeast of the United States, Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot and humid summers and mild winters. Even though the state is not directly bordering on the water, the proximity of the ocean creates special atmospheric conditions in the area and the Arkansas Delta and the other large rivers further increase humidity in the air. These features create conditions that are hard on roofs, so the best roofing products for Arkansas are radically different from the ones that are suitable for other states such as arid Texas or mountain areas such as Montana – here are a few aspects to consider before choosing your roofing materials for constructions in the Natural State. Cooling Products Roofing materials are able to withstand certain temperature ranges – variations that are wider than the given range are likely to damage the roof. Fortunately, modern technology has come up with ingenious ways to cool roofs – roof-cool coatings such as sealants, foams and paints efficiently stabilize roof temperature, protecting the roof against temperature fluctuations. Roofing Cover Materials Roofing cover materials that are best suited for warm and humid areas are able to provide maximum ventilation and shading, don’t store heat and have reflective surfaces. The material that is most recommended for regions such as Arkansas is lightweight and light colored metal, but clay tiles, wood shingles and thatch also work well. Ventilated double roofs work best because they include an insulated inner layer and an upper surface that is covered in reflective paint. Insulation Though an expensive solution, aluminum sheeting is the best insulation solution for warm-humid regions. The material provides very good reflectivity and its low heat storage capacity makes sure the building cools down quickly when temperatures drop. It also makes a durable and resistant long-term solution, so it is well worth the investment. Call Richardson Roofing for Northwest Arkansas Roofing solutions and expertise!