Scheduled Maintenance By Roofing Companies Fall is coming soon and trees will start shedding their leaves. Most of these leaves will fall down on the ground and enrich the soil. But some of them will fall on the roof of your house, get into the gutters and clog them.   This means that rain water won’t drain from the roof efficiently. To prevent this issue, here are some simple ways to avoid leaf build-up in your gutters:  
  1. Install Filters on All the Gutters
Filters are inexpensive and easy to install at the top of the gutters. They will prevent any solid debris, including leaves, from going inside the gutters and chocking the water flow. All you have to do is periodically clean and – when necessary – replace the gutter filters.  
  1. Trim Back Tree Branches
Most leaf build-ups in gutters occur when tree branches hang over the roof. Of course, wind will blow some of the falling leaves onto the roof, but there won’t be nearly as many as when they fall directly onto it.   Thus, you should trim back the branches, so they do not reach the roof. Plus, trimming trees is good for them and helps them grow taller and healthier.  
  1. Keep Your Roof Clean
Last, but not least, you should maintain and clean your roof continually, have your roof maintained by quality Fayetteville roofing companies. It is recommended to do this once per month, in order to prevent significant leaf build-up and other problems. Constant care will prolong the useful life of the roof, as well, by allowing you to note any issue when it can be easily fixed.