avoid roof damage roofing contractor inspections Roof damage is typically associated with storm damage, and in Arkansas that’s definitely not an overstatement. When it comes to roof damage in Fayetteville, you can expect that the first couple of months after winter will be some of the most eventful in terms of strong and damaging storms that could definitely do a number on your roof.   Spring is oftentimes the worst time to actually own a roof in the state of Arkansas. You have to make sure that the cold and snowy winter weather didn’t damage your roof too much, and even though winter in Arkansas is never too snowy, it can get pretty bad during colder winters when the temperature dips below freezing and snow tends to remain on your roof.   Of course, since you can’t actually avoid spring, you’ll have to do the second best thing: perform routine maintenance, get a Fayetteville roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damage, and use some DIY preventive roof repairs to make sure you can make it out of most of the storms, if you don’t have enough money for a roof restoration project.   It’s also worth mentioning that once every 2-3 years, you can experience pretty bad storms around the end of fall and beginning of winter as well. Since winter is not the best time to repair your roof, make sure you also get a roof inspection and use preventive repairs sometime in the early fall, to avoid having your roof damaged once the freeze sets in.