Benefits Of Green Roofing In a world where urban areas are constantly increasing, new buildings and infrastructure are built at an ultra-fast pace, and green areas are dwindling, green roofs could be the solution to keep in touch with nature. Basically, a green roof is a rooftop garden but bigger, and it is based on a vegetative layer. This green roof may not be cheap for the time being, but it has long-term benefits. Because it grows plants that are able to absorb the sunlight and to give back oxygen, a green roof helps to create a cooler and fresher climate for people. If all the buildings in the city had green roofs, the average temperature in the city would drop by 3 degrees. Maybe, in the future, this will be a way of reducing global warming. Thanks to these plants, a green roof would also help to purify the air by converting al that CO2 and polluted air into oxygen. And because plants naturally contain a lot of moisture, a green roof has the ability to absorb water, especially the precipitation that falls in the wintertime or in the rainy days. Recent studies proved that a green environment can reduce work-related stress, helps to relax and create a feeling of well-being. Applying this concept for an office building, for example, a more pleasant working environment would be achieved for the employees. As a bonus, a green roof could mean a beautiful city garden to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables or just a cozy place for parties and friends meeting.  For more roofing options, visit