Bentonville is a medium-sized city and represents the 10th largest community in the state of Arkansas. It has 8 neighborhoods and a population of about 44,500 people. Compared to other cities in Arkansas, Bentonville has expensive real estate, however, property values are low if compared with the most expensive real estate in the country.

If you decided to move to Bentonville, you should start gathering information about neighborhoods and decide which one is the best for your needs and preferences.  Start looking for a notable Bentonville roofing contractor to inspect the roof, before moving in.

Most real estate websites rank these five neighborhoods as the best in Bentonville:

•Riverwalk Farm Estates – even if it is situated in a central location, this neighborhood is still affordable
•Cornerstone Ridge is very family-friendly. Houses for sale have a median listing price of $300,000.
•Heritage Heights – a rather classic neighborhood, with older residential buildings, many of them built in the ‘80s
•Hidden Springs – this neighborhood is for nature lovers and seekers of beautiful surroundings
•Oxford Ridge – another family-friendly neighborhood located near the Bentonville Community Center

Besides the constituent neighborhoods, there are many other popular areas near Bentonville:

•Bella Vista
•Cave Springs
•Elm Springs
•Little Flock
•Siloam Springs

Bentonville surely has a lot to offer – whichever area you choose, you can be sure you will be happy here.