Richardson Winter Roofing January It can often be difficult to choose a proper time of the year for replacing your existing roof. Roofing projects are typically best handled when it’s relatively warm, and the weather is stable.   Although January is typically a stable month in most places, you’d have to live pretty far south for the temperature to be right for roof replacement. Replacing your roof can be a lengthy and difficult project involving the use of materials and tools that would be hard to handle in cold weather. So, if you live in the northern or central part of the country, where temperatures in January will typically drop below freezing level, then January is not usually the best month to consider for replacing your existing roof.   On the other hand, in places like Florida, California and Texas, January can be an acceptable time for replacing your roof, since the climate in these areas is typically warmer. Roofers will, therefore, often be able to continue working on complex roof repair and replacement projects even in the winter, as the average temperatures in January will rarely present a true hindrance. Even when they do, roofers will likely recommend that you simply wait out the cold spell and then attempt getting your roof done once the temperatures become milder.  Call to see what is recommended in your area.