arranged roof shingles roofing company skylight installation   Old roofs covered with slate or wood shingles and shakes used to be constructed from individual rectangular pieces, sometimes with parallel courses of scalloped tiles/ beveled tiles added by roofers. Nowadays the same effect can be achieved by using asphalt shingles in various designs and colors. Shingles can be arranged in decorative patterns – ribbon coursing patterns of alternate courses – that add a decorative accent to classic tile roofs. The three-tab shingles that dominated the roofing industry with their characteristic geometric brickwork pattern now have interlocking t-shapes and some are even diamond patterned. Some shingles have a distinctive hexagonal shape and may also provide additional depth aesthetics do to the incorporated shadow band. This type of shingles must be installed according to the specifications, in order to yield the pattern. If you are interested in a decorative pattern for your roof, you should talk to a professional roofer at about your options. Things are a bit more complicated than arranging shingles in a decorative pattern, considering that not all shingles are suitable for your house, your needs or the local climate, and not all shingles can be used to do something creative about your roof.