Question can roof shingle be repaired roofing companies answer Broken shingles are both very unaesthetic and also a water leak waiting to happen. This is why they must be replaced as soon as the damage is noticed. For technical and skilled home owners, this can be a DIY project, but otherwise it must be left in the hands of professional Bentonville roofing companies. Make sure you pick a day with moderate weather to repair your roof shingles, because too cold or too hot temperatures may compromise your project, affecting both shingles and sealants. First, you will have to lose the tabs under the broken shingles as well as the next two courses above it and then identify the 8 nails that fasten each shingle (you will have to lift up the shingles that cover those nails). Work gently a pry bar under the tabs, as you push up the shingles and pop out the nails. Remove the nails carefully –first the center row of nails and then the next row. Finally, pull out the damaged shingle and position the new shingle in place, fastening it with nails. Before you start a shingles repairing project, make sure you have the necessary materials, tools and equipment. You need shingles of the same color and design as those you are going to remove, new nails, a pry bar, a hammer, as well as protecting equipment to keep you safe while working at height.