Richardson roofing Yes You Can repair storm damage If your roof has sustained partial damage by a recent storm and you see individual shingles that have been cracked or otherwise compromised, there is no need to get your entire roofing replaced. The best way to decide whether you need to replace larger roof sections or changing just a few shingles is enough is by having your roof inspected by a professional with Richardson Roofing of Arkansas, but here are some issues that can be efficiently remedied replacing just a few shingles:
  • The damage covers less than half your roof – whether concentrated in one or two patches or distributed over the entire roof, if the damaged area covers less than 50% of the roof, the problem can probably be safely remedied by replacing the damaged components;
  • The decking and the support structure are not affected – if your deck and beams are strong and unaffected by the damage, the replacement of individual shingles is probably a suitable solution;
  • You don’t mind having multiple hues on your roof – replacing individual shingles is likely to result in a strong, but multicolored roof as the new shingles installed have not been exposed to UV radiation and moisture. If you choose to have just a few of your shingles changed, be prepared that there will be darker and lighter hues on your roof.