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How to Spot Clear Signs Your Roof Suffered Storm Damage Over the Winter

How To Spot Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Help Are you wondering about the condition of your roof? In many cases, storm damage can affect the roof quite extensively, and in other cases the damage is subtle. So let’s take a look at what is needed to hopefully prevent or at least spot the damage in time, before it causes too many long term problems:  
  • There might be visible signs of damage, in which case all you need to do to spot it is climb on top of your home and check the roof through a quick visual inspection. The most serious damage you might find will include severe flashing damage and broken or missing shingles.
  • You could spot leaks in the attic, but there might not be any immediately visible signs of what could cause the leak. This happens in some cases when storms are mild and the roof is somewhat older and more prone to damage. This type of storm damage usually requires a closer inspection or the expertise of a professional roofer.
  • In some cases, storm damage can only be seen clearly over a longer period of time. Your roof might have been affected by a storm a while ago, and there might not even be any leaks or other noticeable problems. However, once you start stripping away the shingles for a roof repair or replacement job, you could find extensive water damage to the decking and underlayment. Spotting such issues will require regular maintenance and yearly roof inspections by a qualified Fort Smith roofing contractor.

How Can You Get the Most Accurate Roofing Estimate?

Roofing estimate contractor   Roofing estimates can be accurate, or they can be way out of the ballpark. Unfortunately, many of us don’t really know how to discern between an offer that’s good and one that leaves to be desired. The following ideas should be able to help you out if you have that problem:  
  1. Don’t limit yourself to contacting a single roofer. Look for and talk to at least 3-4 different roofing contractors who can provide you with an estimate.
  2. Talk to the roofers on the phone, and see if you can understand and appreciate their background. The best ones will usually let their accomplishments speak for themselves, rather than trying too hard to promote themselves and their services.
  3. Have each of the roofer provide you with a roof inspection and their opinions on the condition of your roof. The more opinions and estimates you can get, the better.
  4. Have them explain the reasons behind their estimates and evaluations, and then use online research to see if you can confirm what they are saying.
  5. Compare their estimates and see how many of them got it right based on your own research and based on what an impartial Fayetteville roofing contractor expert might say on the topic. Whoever gets closer to confirming your research should be crowned as the “winner.”

Is Spring a Good Time to Have a New Roof Installed?

It's Spring Time Roofing Projects Home Exterior Many experts consider Spring to be a great time to install various upgrades for your home. Although this isn’t true all the time, it can be quite helpful to have the weather warm and stabilized when you’re trying to install a new roof.   Roof replacement can be a pretty big job. It’s not like fixing a gate or replacing a piece of siding. Replacing your old roof might need to involve stripping off all the shingles, performing extensive repairs on the interior structure and then spending a considerable amount of time making sure that every element of the new roof is installed properly. In many cases, the incompatibility between the old decking and the new roof installation can lead to a lot of additional difficulties.   As such, when Spring comes, the temperatures rise above freezing, and roofers can use their roofing cement and other materials more easily, there is a far better chance of success at installing the new roof properly. Moreover, the improved safety of working in the Spring and even the comfort and stability of the season when compared to the excessive summer heat and the increased precipitation of autumn, will make Spring probably the best season when you can actually consider a complex roof replacement job from

What Are the Main Items a Roof Inspector Might Check on Your Home?

roof inspection contractor points Roofing inspections are pretty serious business. If you don’t have an inspector check on your home every once in a while, your roof could sustain damage that you don’t find for months or even years. As a result, even if the damaged roof will not cause a visible leak, there are many other issues that could arise over time, including water and mold damage to the decking.   As you call your roof inspector, the first thing they will do is to perform a basic visual inspection of the roof from the ground and from the top. They will check to see if the gutter system is clogged or damaged, inspect the flashing, and check for signs of wear and tear, such as discoloration and damaged shingles.   If your roof is older, they might check on some of the areas that need to be repaired or upgraded, and they could also recommend certain upgrades to better protect your home. Additionally, they will also check your attic for leaks and look for any smaller signs of damage that can even affect a newer roof over time.   All in all, setting up a roof inspection by a Bentonville roofing contractor is definitely a good idea. You’ll find out everything about the condition of your roof and any repairs you might need to take care of. Moreover, your roof inspector could also recommend a dependable roofing contractor that you might want to contact to take care of the repair work for you.

The Types of Insurance a Dependable Roofing Contractor Should Have

roofing companies roofers safety insurance   Are you looking to hire a roofing company to fix or install your roof? If so, one of the main concerns you need to pay attention to is insurance. Most professional Fayetteville roofing companies roofers have insurance, however, it’s also important for their customers to have some idea about the kind of insurance that will cover all those awkward situations when you could potentially be held liable for what happens on your property while the technicians work on your roofing project.   Worker’s compensation insurance should definitely be on the list. The purpose of this insurance policy is to provide workers with enough compensation when they are injured on the job. If one of the technicians injures himself while working on your property, then they can simply take a leave of absence and recover, while being provided with enough money and medical support to make a full recovery without any worries.   Another important type of insurance to look for is general liability. This type of insurance is standard for most contractors who work on their clients’ real estate properties. With a general liability policy, you don’t have to worry too much if a mistake leads to your property being damaged in some way. The insurance policy will cover the repairs, and best of all, you won’t have to pay for it.