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Dealing with Roofing Leaks: What Type of Damage Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

roofing contractor roof leaking icicles There are many potential problems that could result from a damaged or poorly built roof. However, not all of them will be covered by your regular homeowners insurance. Knowing what is and isn’t covered can be very important, since it will give you some idea of what you might have to do to prevent damage that would be quite expensive to fix.   Homeowners insurance will typically cover a lot of the damage resulting from rain and snow. However, the trick is that it won’t cover the repairs required to fix your roof. If the leak is caused by a plumbing issue due to, for instance, burst pipes because of the cold, then that will be covered in full. However, when your roof is leaking, the insurance will cover interior water damage, but not the cost of fixing the leak.   Fortunately, roof repair is quite affordable thru a Bentonville roofing contractor, and in many cases it can be resolved (at least temporarily) through simple DIY tasks. Spraying your roof with sealant will get the job done if you have the necessary equipment, and applying some special roofing tar to the damaged shingles or flashing will not even require any tools except for a simple brush. Of course, you will eventually have to address the issue by either fixing the leak properly yourself, or hiring a roofing professional to do it for you.

Do Heat-Resistant Roofing Materials Really Work?

clay roof heat resistant richardson roofing Roofs play multiple roles – they are responsible for protecting buildings from the elements, including rain, snow, wind and fires, they add a decorative components that set the style of buildings and they also ensure the thermal balance of the buildings they are installed on. While all roofing materials provide a certain level of protection from heat, some materials have been developed especially for hot climate areas and ensure better thermal performance than others. Here is how they work:
  • Reflectivity – heat resistant roofing materials reflect most of the heat they are exposed to. These materials stay cooler even when the sun is scorching hot, which also means that they transfer less heat towards the building interior;
  • Insulating features – heat resistant materials are also great heat insulators, which means that they form a very efficient thermal barrier between the building interior and the outdoor world;
  • Lighter colors – dark colors absorb heat, while light hues reflect heat. The performance of heat resistant materials is further enhanced by the usage of light, reflective colors, such as shades of light grey, cream and white.
The most popular heat resistant materials are terracotta, concrete tiles, slate, green roofs covered in vegetation and solar panels.  You can look to places like to find specifics on the newest roofing materials and their benefits.

Dealing With A Roof Leak During A Rainstorm

Roofing Leak Repair From Rainstorm   If your roof starts to leak during a heavy rainstorm, you will have to do your best not to panic. Indeed, it is bad to have water inside your house, leaking from the ceiling on your furniture, but there are things you can do to minimize the damage. You must know that most of the time, rainwater reaches your living space after accumulating in the attic. If you notice a bulge in the drywall, you should use a screwdriver and poke a hole in the middle of it, to allow water to drain and collect it into one stream. Make sure you have a couple of buckets to use alternatively. Move away the furniture and other objects that may be affected by the leaking water and also put some large plastic bags on the floor, to protect it. Now that you did your best to control the damage, it is time to attempt to locate the source of the leak. It is easier to locate it while it still rains, so climb in the attic and identify the infiltration point, as well as other potentially areas affected by moisture, such as the insulation  layer. When it comes for repairing the roof leak, you will have to wait for the storm to be over. If the leak is particularly severe and the situation looks very bad, contact a local roofing company at that provides emergency services and they will know what to do.

How To Find The Cause Of Your Roof Leak

Roofing Contractor Specializes In Roof Leaks The source of the water leaks from the roof is often hard to find and this operation might give headaches even to the Fort Smith roofing contractor who specializes in finding roof leaks. This is because every element of a roof can cause leakage – the cover, or what is under the cover, the rainwater collection system, the vents etc., because of broken, missing or old materials and accessories. In order to solve the problem of a roof leak, specialists have developed and implemented, over time, different solutions based on various technologies. One of these is the infrared technology. With it, they can more effectively identify wet areas and determine the cause of roof leaks. Infrared rays measure the heat emitted by a surface or object, which is collected by a special camera that translates information into images. Subsequently, they are analyzed by specially trained professionals, who determine if there are any anomalies. This procedure is effective towards the end of the day, when the objects and surfaces heated during the day are not exposed to sunlight anymore and start to cool down. Detecting roof leaks with infrared technology seems to be a complex science, but it is not so. The principle of applicability is actually very simple and intuitive. Water that seeps under the covers, as well as the area where this happens will be warmer at the end of the day than the rest of the roof areas, because moisture retains for a longer time that accumulated heat. This will be an obvious difference on the infrared camera, but also for the technician who interprets the data.  

Budgeting For A Roof Replacement

Bedgeting Tips For Hiring Roofing Companies New Roofing System   When it becomes obvious that your roof needs to be replaced, it is time to make the necessary preparation quickly and take smart decisions about your budget. A new roof is an expensive investment and, ideally, you should have some savings destined precisely for such a project. This way, you can be relaxed enough to even consider upgrading your roof to qualify for tax credit, or reduce your insurance rate. But before working on your budget, you must do some preliminary steps. First, you must get a roof inspection, from one of the professional Fayetteville roofing companies. The report you`ll get is your main source of information. Ask for a free estimate from a few local roofing contractors and compare them. Talk to the contractor you are going to hire and decide on the materials you are going to use. Now it is the time to plan an upgrade and once you do this, you will know approximately the cost of the roof replacement, so you can start budgeting. If you plan replacing your roof in a year, divide the cost of the project by 12 months and you will have the amount of money that you need to save each month. However, if the roof must be replaced sooner and you do not have enough time to save and gather the necessary money, you will have to think about a loan.