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Benefits Of A Green Roof

Benefits Of Green Roofing In a world where urban areas are constantly increasing, new buildings and infrastructure are built at an ultra-fast pace, and green areas are dwindling, green roofs could be the solution to keep in touch with nature. Basically, a green roof is a rooftop garden but bigger, and it is based on a vegetative layer. This green roof may not be cheap for the time being, but it has long-term benefits. Because it grows plants that are able to absorb the sunlight and to give back oxygen, a green roof helps to create a cooler and fresher climate for people. If all the buildings in the city had green roofs, the average temperature in the city would drop by 3 degrees. Maybe, in the future, this will be a way of reducing global warming. Thanks to these plants, a green roof would also help to purify the air by converting al that CO2 and polluted air into oxygen. And because plants naturally contain a lot of moisture, a green roof has the ability to absorb water, especially the precipitation that falls in the wintertime or in the rainy days. Recent studies proved that a green environment can reduce work-related stress, helps to relax and create a feeling of well-being. Applying this concept for an office building, for example, a more pleasant working environment would be achieved for the employees. As a bonus, a green roof could mean a beautiful city garden to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables or just a cozy place for parties and friends meeting.  For more roofing options, visit  

The Ideal Roofing Trends of 2020 – What to Look for in a Modern Roof

Richardson Roofing Trends Home Roof Trends Modern roofing trends tend to differ from what you’d expect from a roof in the past. As technology continues to advance and roofing contractors find new ways to build roofs and add upgrades that didn’t used to make as much sense as they do today, the best roofing trends of 2020 require a bit more consideration than those of past years.   The main thing to look for in 2020 is a more modern design and shape when it comes to the manufacturing and construction of well-known roofing systems and materials. Look for roofs that have a more futuristic as well as practical design, and which are shaped in proportion with the latest standards regarding hurricane-proof construction and roofs that are designed to do well in thunderstorms and hail storms.   Insulation and coating are also two elements you should be looking for. Proper insulation in places where winter temperature get lower than average is growing in popularity, while roof coatings that are more capable of keeping UV and water damage at bay are especially well-known in the commercial roofing sector.   If you want the most recent updates on 2020 roofing trends, you can also contact your local roofing experts Richardson Roofing in Arkansas and ask them what they believe the best trends are for your particular area.

Ice and Gutters in the Winter – How to Effectively Prevent Ice Dams

Roofing Companies Repair Ice Damage Gutters   You’ll often find Bentonville roofing companies experts say that ice and gutters don’t mix well, especially during winters that feature changing temperatures and near instant freezing. As the freeze sets in, water that has been lingering on your roof as a result of a clogged or damaged gutter system can freeze quite quickly, giving rise to ice dams and putting enormous pressure on your roof and home, especially if it also starts snowing.   A clogged system of gutters will prevent water from flowing down after it rains in the fall. Early snow can also melt on occasion and then become ice after the freeze, once it is trapped between the gutters and the taller areas of your roof. This freezing action will then form ice dams that can be extremely problematic in the long run.   Preventing ice dams requires a great deal of foresight. You’ll have to check your gutters before the freeze sets in or during warmer periods. Even after your roof was covered by snow, clearing the snow and checking for gutter damage and clogged gutters should also be one of your main priorities.   A dry roof and a functioning gutter system will be the key to preventing ice dams and making sure your roof stays in good condition throughout the freezing winter months.

How Can Roof Insulation Truly Help You Save a Lot of Money?

Roofing Companies Roof Installation Save Money Even though it can sometimes be expensive to install, additional roof and attic insulation can be a great asset in the long run. You’ll often hear Fort Smith roofing companies and renovation experts point out this fact with great enthusiasm, trying to tell homeowners what a great deal it would be to install some added insulation before the freeze of winter sets in.   But why is roof insulation such a good idea, and how can it really help you save money? The answer is simple: by helping you avoid the hefty expenses of an overused heating system.   As we well know, boilers and furnaces tend to be overused during cold winters, especially when your house doesn’t have much protection, and the heat trapped inside can easily exit, requiring further heating. Your roof and attic are typically the places where most of the heat escapes, since heat tends to seek higher ground, and your roof is the most exposed to the elements – especially when there’s a storm or the freezing wind blows more intensely.   As a result, added roof insulation will often help prevent most of the heat from escaping, reducing the required heat output of your HVAC system, and thus preventing the need for overusing your furnace and possibly even leading it to break down when you need it most.

What You Should Know About Roof Repairs During December

Roofing Company Winter Roof Solutions December in many parts of the country is not only a time for celebration and time spent with our loved ones, but also a period when the weather turns cold, snowy and icy. Both aspects – the approaching holidays and the unfriendly weather – have a major impact on how roofing repairs can be done in December – here are a few things that you should know:
  • Not all roof repair processes are possible in freezing weather – the glues and other adhesives used for fastening shingles and other roof components cannot be used when the temperature drops under 40 degrees and some varieties of asphalt shingles also come with similar limitations;
  • Most roofers are on vacation – roofers might be more difficult to find in December. Start a roof repair project in the last month of the year only if you are faced with emergency, any major repair that can wait for a couple of weeks longer should be postponed until the beginning of the next year;
  • Look for roofers that provide emergency services like those at Richardson Roofing – these roofers are usually to work during the holidays as well, so you stand the highest chance to get your roofing fixed if you turn to them.