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How Soon Should You Get a Roof Inspection After a Storm Hits?

How Soon Should You Inspect Your Roof After A Storm Storms come and go, and they don’t always affect your roof. If you just had your roof replaced 1-2 years ago, you should be relatively safe, especially if you own a high quality, expensive, metal or slate roofing system. However, an older asphalt shingle or composite roof can be a problem, and it might also require more  frequent roof inspections.   So when should you have your roof inspected after a storm? The verdict is out on several periods, especially since there are many more factors to consider than most of us would assume. The real problem is that, aside from the possibility of having your roof damaged, there’s also the risk of running into a  few storm chasers when you try to find help right after a storm.   The best solution would be to have one of the Fort Smith Roofing Companies do a general inspection of the roof yourself (make sure to take all the safety precautions while you’re at it), and ascertain whether or not the roof suffered any visible damage, or if there are any leaks. If you find problems that have to be dealt with immediately, then it should be of paramount importance to locate a dependable roofing professional at once.   On the other hand, if you can’t see anything immediately wrong with your roof, it’s usually best to take your time searching for a roofer. Make a note of the companies you find online, and contact them. Then based on reviews, a quick online background  check and the services and experience they have to offer, you can choose a company to do a thorough roof inspection.

Storm Damage and Its Impact on Commercial Roofing – Important Facts to Remember

Important Facts To Know Possible storm damage can be a real problem when you own a commercial building. These types of issues are rarely considered or addressed in time, which means  most business owners pay a lot of money on roof repair, when they could have solved the issue early on just with basic maintenance.   Storm damage can cause a lot of trouble. It can, first of all, lead to impact points that have to be dealt with immediately, before any leaks  would develop. These arise as a result of hail damage, and are not to be trifled with.   The possible expenses that could come with storm damage are quite problematic. It’s important to avoid putting off any repairs that are needed after a storm, otherwise they could develop into problems  that are even more costly to solve.  Have a Fayetteville roofing contractor out to inspect your roof to take care of small damage to keep expenses down.   Finally, when you own a small business, dealing with commercial roofing problems can be a problem of corporate survival. Without a proper roof, all the merchandise and equipment you hold in your building can be damaged, and if you consider fixing the damage at a later date, then the expenses could affect your business to a great extent. So the best thing to do is prevent storm damage from becoming a serious issue by addressing it as soon as it was detected.

How to Keep Your Roof in Order: September Roof Maintenance and What It’s All About

Roof Tips Roof maintenance is required on a regular basis by Bentonville roofing companies that are licensed, especially before the spring and before the autumn hits. So the end of August and the beginning of September should naturally be considered two of the most significant times when roof maintenance has to be used to the best of its advantages.   Drains, vents and gutters have probably already gathered a lot of dust and stray debris over the summer. One of the first tasks you have to focus on is to, therefore, clear these areas so that your roof can be properly ventilated and rainwater can be properly cleared once the waterworks start in the fall season.   Another important task has to do with checking for minor defects and damages, such as whether the flashing is damaged in some areas or the chimney has to be repaired. Additionally, make sure you make a note of any damaged shingles and fasteners you might discover, so you or your roofers can deal with the issue later on.   Popped nails, small broken ridges and any other type of mechanical damage should also be fixed before September arrives. Failure to do so could leave your home exposed to the elements and vulnerable to hail, thunderstorms, wind and even regular rainfall.

Options For Financing Your New Roof

Roofing Payment Options A new roof is expensive and financing such a project can be a luxury that many people do not afford. However, in many situations, delaying a new roof installation is not an option, so you must do your best to find different financing options. Use this article as your brief guide.
  • Paying all cash
This remains the best payment option, although you should opt for writing a check or paying through a form of bank transfer, to get a paper trail. You may have to consider making some savings if you want to have all the money to pay cash, so start your saving plan before your roof`s warranty expires (this depends on the materials that your roof is made from).
  • Using a credit card (if it has low interest!)
  • Getting a Home Equity Line Of Credit
  • Getting a Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage
  • Cash-out Refinance
  • Signature Loan or personal loan
Alternatively, you can get a loan from close friends or family members, or find a roofing contractor that finances new roof projects. Government grants are also a potential solution, but you must apply for them in advance, as it may take months to get approved; obviously, they are not an option if you have an emergency that requires immediate roof replacement.  Find all the options you need at

Popular Roofing Materials In Arkansas

Roofing Tiles Are Durable The climate in Arkansas is humid subtropical. Summers are typically hot and steamy, due to air currents from the Gulf of Mexico. July-August is the hottest period and the high level of humidity often increases the thermal discomfort. Remains of hurricanes or tropical storms that hit the Gulf can affect Arkansas occasionally. On the other hand, winters are rather mild. There are only small amounts of snowfall and occasional ice storms. In these meteorological conditions, there is no surprise that the most popular roofing materials here include tiles or shingles made from materials resistant to moisture and algae formation, developed especially for areas where roofs are exposed to such weather.
  • Asphalt shingles with copper granules
Asphalt shingles are the most popular throughout the entire North America. They are economic, designed in a large color palette, they are lightweight and come with warranties of 15-20 years, which is good comparing with their price. The copper granules are strategically embedded to ensure algae protection.
  • Metal shingles
Metal is one of the most popular modern roofing materials due to its resistance and durability (50 years warranty). It can withstand storms, being also waterproof and reflective, which means that metal shingle successfully meet the Arkansas` climate-related requirements.  The folks at Richardson Roofing offer a host of roofing products to meet the needs and desires of their clients, to provide a long lasting durable roofing system.