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Richardson Roofing in Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Fort Smith and All of Northwest Arkansas

Richardson Roofing is Arkansas’ leading Residential and Commercial roofing company and has become one of the largest contractors serving Northwest Arkansas. Our roofing company has been built on the principle of “Quality First” and that legacy of “Quality First” is ingrained in every Richardson Roofing employee every day. Our founder, Rich Richardson, believes that “no matter how good we are, we can always do better.”

Northwest Arkansas receives a lot of storm activity every year. We specialize in roof restoration from storms, including hail damage, wind damage, and other insurance-related roof replacements. If you think you might have damage to your roof, we can give you a free inspection. We will carefully inspect your roof for damage and give you a complete report on the condition of your roof. Click here to see each step of our Richardson Roof Inspection process.

Richardson Roof Inspection Process

We have inspected thousands of roofs in Northwest Arkansas so we know what damage looks like. We will take pictures and give you our professional opinion as to whether or not you have an insurable issue that your insurance company should know about. Some homeowners are tempted to get up on their roof (not recommended!) to see for themselves if there is damage. Most, however, will fail to observe or see any problems as it often takes a trained eye to recognize what hail or wind damage looks like. It is worth the call and peace of mind to get the free inspection from Richardson Roofing. Click here if you are thinking “I Need a Roof Inspection”

Richardson Roofing services the entire Northwest Arkansas region from Fort Smith, Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Russellville, Fayetteville, AR and more. We are committed to providing the finest roofing products and the most trusted service in the industry.

Quality First at Richardson Roofing

Our approach assures our customers it will be done with great care and expert installation. We work diligently to deliver beautiful new roofs completed in a timely manner at competitive prices with expert craftsmanship. We hope that your visit to our website will portray our commitment to you, educate you on the process of roof inspection and give you good reason to call us with your roofing needs. There is NO obligation with our Free Estimates. We’d be honored to serve you! When Rich Richardson started his company, his goal was to consistently maintain excellent service while establishing a trusting relationship with his customers and their roofing needs.

It’s a total commitment to excellence and the reason why Richardson Roofing has been recognized as a top preferred roofing contractor in Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Fort Smith, and all cities throughout the North West Arkansas region. If you live in Northwest Arkansas and need a roof inspection, contact us for a free roof inspection.

Richardson Roofing Northwest Arkansas

“Quality First” permeates every facet of the Richardson Roofing philosophy. The future outlook of the company is clearly grounded in this approach of giving the homeowner the peace of mind that their home will be protected with the best roofing products and installation in Arkansas. We would be honored with an opportunity to meet you and take a look at your roof condition. Whether you have damage or not, you will receive a report on the condition of your roof and we will appreciate getting to meet you. At some point, you may need a roofing company you can trust like Richardson Roofing.
Rich Richardson, CEO, Richardson Roofing

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Should You Take Pictures of Your Roof Before a Hail Storm Hits?

Hailstorm pictures roofing company inspection   Hail storms can do quite some damage if your roof is old or weak. Also, depending on the materials that your roof is built from, such a storm can cause quite a bit of damage, as materials like wood, asphalt shingle and even some metals, can succumb to powerful impacts.   Even if your roof is somewhat resilient, however, it is always prudent to not underestimate the destructive power of an upcoming storm. If you checked the weather forecast, and you saw that there is chance of hail later in the day, it’s best to take some pictures of your roof and make sure the time stamp is included. You can even make a video with the same prerequisite, to make sure you have footage right before the storm.   Once the storm hits, there’s no guarantee that your roof will be undamaged. The cost to repair it might be extensive. As such, if you know your insurance covers at least some roofing damage, you’ll want to have evidence that your roof was actually damaged during the storm. So, after taking the pictures and after the storm passes, inspect your roof for damage, take pictures as soon as you can, and even consider having a professional roofer at over for an inspection, to make sure that your findings are confirmed.

How to Finance Your New Residential Roof

new roof roofing company If you have made up your mind to get your old, failing roof replaced and now you are checking out the prices, you surely know by now that roof replacement requires a substantial investment, even if you use cheap materials. If paying for your new roof out of your pocket is not an option (it is only for very few people), don’t despair – here are a few financing options that you should know about:
  • Payment in instalments – most roofers accept partial payments, especially for large projects. They might not offer the solution upfront, so you will have to ask;
  • Common loans – though considered to be an expensive form of paying for your roof, you can take out multiple loans, including a personal loan, a home equity loan or use your credit card;
  • Company financing – this option is offered by many reputable roofers including those from Richardson Roofing and it involves financing obtained by the roofing company from a bank and on behalf of the client. The loan usually comes with very favorable conditions because it relies on the reputation and the financial track record of the roofer;
  • Tax rebates and other incentives – if you decide to use green roofing materials or other materials that significantly improve your building’s energy efficiency, you might be eligible for financial facilities from your state or region.

What Are Roof Coatings?

Commercial roofing coating contractor work Roof coatings are fully-adhered membranes applied in fluid form that serve the purpose of enhancing one or several properties of the roof, such as the roof’s resistance to the impact of sunshine, water, hail or to enhance its energy-efficiency by making it a more efficient thermal barrier or by preventing roof overheating. Here are some more things that you should know about roof coatings:
  • Consistency and application – most roof coating products are of a consistency similar to thick paint and the material is applied like paint as well, from cans, with a brush or a roller. Some special products designed for seams are of a foam consistency and are applied from cans;
  • The purpose of use – roof coatings are developed for enhancing various roof features. The most common functions fulfilled by roof coatings include sealing the roof surface to improve its resistance to water penetration, increasing the roof’s resistance to thermal shock by reducing heat absorbance and increasing resistance to abrasion, such as the impact caused by hail;
  • The effects – roof coatings can improve the energy efficiency of the entire roof and, with it, of the entire home and they can also prolong the lifespan of the roof by preventing leaks and many other forms of damage.  Although, it’s best to hire a Fort Smith roofing contractor experienced in the roof coating application.

Why is Proper Ventilation So Important?

roof ventilation roofing benefits companies homes Ventilation is the exchange of air between the building interior and the outside environment, a process that takes place not only when you open your doors and your windows, but all the time, through the invisible cracks in your walls. Air exchange is essential for the health and well-being of your entire house and household, including not only your rooms, but your attic and your roof as well – here is what home ventilation does:
  • Expelling pollutants – the ventilation in your home is responsible for the quality of the air in your home. Pollutants that contaminate your air can come in through various entry points, including your doors and windows and it takes efficient air exchange to make sure that the air underneath your roof is healthy to breed. The issues that poor ventilation can be blamed for are caused by excessively moist air and take the form of mold and mildew – both being eliminated with proper ventilation;
  • Preventing roof overheating – proper ventilation in your attic can prevent one of the most dangerous effects of heat absorption, such as cracks and other forms of premature damage;
  • Energy efficiency for the entire home – a properly ventilated roof does not suffer from condensation in winter and it stays cooler in summer, thus ensuring that the air you have heated or cooled at so much cost inside your home stays in the home.  Hiring the services of Fayetteville roofing companies can be beneficial and ensure your roof has the proper ventilation needed to make it last for years.

The Importance of Properly Installed Flashing

roofing companies flashing installation The flashing installed wherever two roofing sections meet or around roof openings plays an essential protective role, reinforcing the roof underneath and preventing water from penetrating the roof. While buying flashing made from high-quality materials is very important, so is correct installation – here is why quality and professional mounting need to go hand in hand:
  • The material is key for resistance and reliability – flashing stripes come in many material varieties, including zinc, copper, aluminum, stone-coated and rubberized materials. Each option comes with different features, offering different performance in terms of durability and resistance. To make sure that your flashing is made from the right material, consider the type of exposure that it needs to withstand – for example, if you get a lot of hail in your area, pick an impact-resistant variety;
  • The importance of professional installation – flashing installation seems simple (after all, you only need the flashing stripes and an adequate material for the fastening process), but in many cases, the correct installation requires specialized tools, knowledge and experience. The best way to ensure all that is by turning to one of the professional Bentonville roofing companies to install your flashing for you – roofing expert know exactly how to handle the different materials and they also own the right tools for the process.