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Richardson Roofing in Springdale, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bentonville, Fort Smith and All of Northwest Arkansas

Richardson Roofing is Arkansas’ leading Residential and Commercial roofing company and has become one of the largest contractors serving Northwest Arkansas. Our roofing company has been built on the principle of “Quality First” and that legacy of “Quality First” is ingrained in every Richardson Roofing employee every day. Our founder, Rich Richardson, believes that “no matter how good we are, we can always do better.”

Northwest Arkansas receives a lot of storm activity every year. We specialize in roof restoration from storms, including hail damage, wind damage, and other insurance-related roof replacements. If you think you might have damage to your roof, we can give you a free inspection. We will carefully inspect your roof for damage and give you a complete report on the condition of your roof. Click here to see each step of our Richardson Roof Inspection process.

Richardson Roof Inspection Process

We have inspected thousands of roofs in Northwest Arkansas so we know what damage looks like. We will take pictures and give you our professional opinion as to whether or not you have an insurable issue that your insurance company should know about. Some homeowners are tempted to get up on their roof (not recommended!) to see for themselves if there is damage. Most, however, will fail to observe or see any problems as it often takes a trained eye to recognize what hail or wind damage looks like. It is worth the call and peace of mind to get the free inspection from Richardson Roofing. Click here if you are thinking “I Need a Roof Inspection”

Richardson Roofing services the entire Northwest Arkansas region from Fort Smith, Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Russellville, Fayetteville, AR and more. We are committed to providing the finest roofing products and the most trusted service in the industry.

Quality First at Richardson Roofing

Our approach assures our customers it will be done with great care and expert installation. We work diligently to deliver beautiful new roofs completed in a timely manner at competitive prices with expert craftsmanship. We hope that your visit to our website will portray our commitment to you, educate you on the process of roof inspection and give you good reason to call us with your roofing needs. There is NO obligation with our Free Estimates. We’d be honored to serve you! When Rich Richardson started his company, his goal was to consistently maintain excellent service while establishing a trusting relationship with his customers and their roofing needs.

It’s a total commitment to excellence and the reason why Richardson Roofing has been recognized as a top preferred roofing contractor in Springdale, Bentonville, Rogers, Fort Smith, and all cities throughout the North West Arkansas region. If you live in Northwest Arkansas and need a roof inspection, contact us for a free roof inspection.

Richardson Roofing Northwest Arkansas

“Quality First” permeates every facet of the Richardson Roofing philosophy. The future outlook of the company is clearly grounded in this approach of giving the homeowner the peace of mind that their home will be protected with the best roofing products and installation in Arkansas. We would be honored with an opportunity to meet you and take a look at your roof condition. Whether you have damage or not, you will receive a report on the condition of your roof and we will appreciate getting to meet you. At some point, you may need a roofing company you can trust like Richardson Roofing.
Rich Richardson, CEO, Richardson Roofing

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Understanding Reflective Roof Paint

Insight Roofing Contractor Products Reflective roof paint is actually not paint, but a type of flexible, durable coating used for enhancing the roof’s ability to reflect solar heat. Reflective coatings are usually applied on low-pitched or flat roofs by a licensed Fayetteville roofing contractor. They are most commonly thicker than paint and they bring numerous benefits beside reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the roof – here are some:
  • Resistance to ponding water – one of the most common faults developed by flat and low-rising roofs is the leaks caused by ponding water. Rainwater and melted snow tend to collect on the surface of these roofs, eroding the material exposed to the excessive moisture. Reflective roof coatings seal the roof surface, preventing the damage caused by the pools of water, prolonging the roof’s life and reducing the amount of repairs needed as well;
  • Improved resistance to foot traffic – reflective coatings strengthen the surfaces they are applied on, making them safer to walk on;
  • Efficient thermal barriers – reflective roof coatings also insulate the top of the buildings to a certain extent, reducing the amount of energy exchanged between the interior and the exterior. This isolating effect can reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling the building in summer.

Maintenance Tips for Your New Roof

Roofing Contractor New Roof Installation New roofs might be stronger than older structures, but they do need the same maintenance as aged, more fragile roofs. Here are some tasks that you need to perform on your new roof:
  • Semi-annual inspections and cleaning – roofs need to be checked and cleaned every six months, once in spring to detect any harm caused by winter and again in fall, to prepare the roof for the cold months. The inspection must always go hand in hand with cleaning to remove any debris from the roof surface as well as from the gutters and the downspouts;
  • Timely repairs – any fault detected during your Bentonville roofing contractor inspections need to be remedied in a timely manner. New roofs are very strong, so the issues that you will find are likely to be minor and easy to fix;
  • Tree maintenance – if you have any large trees around your building, regular tree inspections and the trimming of any dead branches is essential for the safety of your roof. Weakened or diseased branches are brittle and any wind can tear them and drop them onto the roof – fortunately, the issue can be prevented, with proper attention paid to the tall vegetation on your property.

Replacing Missing Asphalt Shingles

Missing Shingles Richardson Roofing Repair Needed If you notice that a few asphalt shingles are missing from the roof, do not worry: it happens, especially after a storm, and they are quite easy to replace. However, you must move quickly, to prevent water infiltrations following the next rain. Contact a roofing contractor or, if you are skilled and have some basic tools and protective equipment, you can attempt to replace the missing shingles by yourself. You must start by purchasing new shingles of the exact same color as those on the roof. Then check the other shingles around the missing one, as they might be loose too, in which case you may have to replace them as well. Remove the existing nails and clean the remaining dry sealant, to prepare the area for sliding the new shingle into position. Once you do this, nail it and then re-nail the overlying shingles. You will also have to reseal the shingles. For this, you need a bit of asphalt roof cement that must be applied along the shingle`s length, as well as on adjacent shingles that may have had their sealant bond separated too. It is highly recommended to replace missing asphalt shingles on a warm and sunny day, because the sealant needs warmth to dry properly and fast. If you have an emergency and need to do this repair project during the cold season, you should better hire a pro like Richardson Roofing.

Home Ventilation and Your Energy Bill

Roofing Companies Insulated Roof Reduce Your Energy Bill   Home ventilation, more precisely, attic ventilation, plays an important role in maintaining the air in your rooms healthy by reducing or completely eliminating the risk of mold, mildew and other issues caused by fungi and it is also essential for maintaining your home’s energy needs as low as possible. Attic ventilation systems consist of vents installed on the roof, usually one at the base of the structure and one at the top, right under the ridge. In summer, the system has the scope of ensuring the proper circulation of air underneath the roof to lower the amount of heat that gets transferred through the roof into the attic and from there into your rooms, while in winter, it prevents the appearance of condensation under the roof. Your attic ventilation system installed by one of the Bentonville roofing companies can also benefit from fans installed under the roof – your fans will improve the efficiency of air circulation, making sure that moist and hot air leaves your attic as quickly as possible. While in winter, the role of your attic ventilation is to maintain the attic in good condition, in summer, the system allows you to save a lot on your cooling bills. A properly ventilated attic will make it easier for your cooling equipment to do its job, allowing you to save not only on your energy bills, but on unnecessary equipment repair costs as well.

Common Mistakes Made During Roof Repair

Roofing Mistakes Roof Repair A roof is in itself is a form of protection, which keeps safe both your family and your home. But in time, like any part of the house, it may need some repairs by a skilled Bentonville roofing contractor. Here are some tips that could help you avoid some common mistakes made during roof repair.
  1. Hiring an unlicensed, uncertified and unqualified Roofing Contractor, without a workmanship warranty is the first mistake you could do, unless you know how to fix the roof yourself.  Shocking, there seem to be a lot of unchecked subcontractors too on the market.
  2. Reusing old flashing and shingles instead of replacing it is one of the most common mistakes that unprofessional roofers can do. Unfortunately, sometimes they reuse old flashing when they should replace it with new ones. This could cause even more problems to your roof, because flashing and shingles are supposed to protect your home from water infiltration and moist. A good roofing contractor should tear off all of the old roofs and then install a new roofing system.
  3. Although this might seem insignificant, this aspect is very important. So you should pay attention to the roofing nails. One of the most common mistakes is their incorrect, because they come in different shapes and sizes, based on a specific guideline.