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Tips for Dealing with Severe Roof Damage

Roofing Contractor Working With Inusrance Company Roofs can take a lot of beating from the elements, but no roof can take those beatings infinitely. If the most recent storm has devastated your roof, too, here are some tips about how to handle this stressful and difficult situation:
  • Assess and document the damage – the first thing you will need to do, before starting the roof repairs, is to document and record that damage. Take photos and videos of the damage and save the documents for your insurance claims file – your claims file will need to include evidence of the damage;
  • Handle temporary fixes – make sure to mitigate the damage with suitable action. If your roof has been partially or completely swept off by the storm, cover in foils what is left of the roofing structure to prevent further damage to your property in case it starts raining again or another storm hits;
  • Contact your insurance agent or call your insurance company’s helpline for assistance, or contact a Fort Smith roofing contractor who works with insurance companies related to your claims file – the requirements regarding the contents and the form of insurance claims as well as the claims negotiation process are similar for all insurance policies, but you need to find out about specific requirements imposed by your insurer to make sure your claim is not rejected for formal errors.

Tools You Might Need During A DIY Roof Repair

Do You Have The Right Roofing Tools The list of tools used in different stages of roofing is quite extensive, but it is advisable to know what is basically needed for a DIY roof repair. Generally, the tools you need are divided into the following categories: Protection equipment Prior to start working on your roof, you must take all precautionary measures to secure your workplace and ensure that you are safe working at height. You must assess fall hazards by using secured ladders, harnesses, non-slippery shoes and other accessories. Tools for performing the actual work
  • Hammer tacker – used to staple, quickly and easily, protective layers on the top of the wooden sheathing, to secure your home from water leaks and increase your roof`s fire resistance
  • Power Nailer – also known as a nail gun, it is used to drive nails in tight places, very precisely and effortlessly
  • Tin Snips – a tool that helps you cut metal sheets
  • Chalk Line – a tool that allows you to align shingles and install them symmetrically
  • Roof Utility Knife – used for shingle-cutting procedures
Besides these tools, you might also want to consider a magnetic sweeper, for doing the clean-up once you finish working on your roof.  This tool will help you collect and dispose stray nails that will likely be all over the place, including in your garden, where you definitely do not want them.  If you decide the job is too big, or you don’t have all the right tools, call on roofing professionals at to do it for you.    

Benefits Of Green Roofs

Benefits To A Green Roof

Green roofs do not just look very nice, but they are also ecological, very useful for air purification and for making energy savings. These roofs increase the number of green spaces in cities and enhance the quality of urban aspect. They also provide habitat for birds and insects.

A green roof reduces the energy consumption required for heating by up to 25%, by increasing the thermal insulation. In addition, it is well known that a conventional roof absorbs heat during the day and then radiates it overnight. Instead, a green roof will absorb water in the layer of soil that will gradually evaporate throughout the day, cooling the roof.

A green roof contributes to cleaning the air and reducing the pollution, which we all know is one of the main problems of humanity today. The patch of vegetation on the roof converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the air you breathe when you open the window will be cleaner.

The green roof provides great protection against weather; water surplus (which is not absorbed by the soil) is eliminated through a special drainage system. If you live in a crowded city, full of agitation and stressful noises, a green roof will help you get rid of this problem, because it is a very good sound insulator. For all your roofing needs, seek out the professionals at .

Tips for Staying Safe During Home Renovations

Safety During Home Renovations

Home renovations involve lots of disruptions, lots of traffic, lots of discomfort and they also involve hazards and risks that should be eliminated. Safety is essential for everyone around while the renovation is being done, so here are some measures that you can implement to make sure nobody gets hurt in the process:

  • Use only safe materials – there are many substances that are no longer used in building and renovation projects because of the health risks they entail. These substances include lead paint, asbestos, adhesives, varnishes and sealants that emit toxic vapors and many others, so make sure that you know exactly what your building substances contain and avoid using hazardous materials;
  • Use safety equipment – safety garments, such as helmets, non-slip work shoes, masks, work gloves, protective eyewear and fall-arrest systems, such as guardrails and harnesses are also essential for making the renovation site a safe place, good a good Bentonville roofing contractor always uses safety gear ;
  • Feeling comfortable handling work processes – many renovation projects involve climbing on ladders or on scaffolding. While falls can be efficiently prevented with the right type of equipment, being comfortable moving at heights is also very important, so the best way to stay safe during your home renovation project is to stay away from tasks that you are not comfortable with, leaving them to professionals.

Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Clean in The Winter

Helpful Tips For Maintaining A Good Roof

Keeping your gutters clean during the winter is essential for preventing water damage to your walls and your basement when the snow starts to melt and needs to be directed away from your building. Some of the tasks related to maintaining gutters clean are done in fall, before the snow comes, while others are done on the snow – here is how to make sure your gutters are perfectly functional when you need them most:

  • Clean and check the gutters before winter – remove twigs, dried leaves, animal nests, whatever debris you find in the pipes, then inspect the pipes for damage and fix whatever you can before the first snow;
  • Install gutter guards – these simple devices have been invented to keep debris away from the pipes, preventing gutter clogging by letting only water through;
  • Install a de-icer on the gutters – de-icers are electric devices that prevent the formation of ice dams on the side of the gutter pipes and eliminate snow and ice from inside the pipes as well;
  • Sweep you gutters – go outside after each heavy snowfall and use a roof rake or a broom on a long stick to sweep off the snow from the gutters, even if you have gutter protection installed. Gutter sweeping is not only great exercise, but also a great way to relieve your gutters and to ensure their work properly. Professional roofing companies like Richardson Roofing provide all these services.