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Tips for Staying Safe During Home Renovations

Safety During Home Renovations

Home renovations involve lots of disruptions, lots of traffic, lots of discomfort and they also involve hazards and risks that should be eliminated. Safety is essential for everyone around while the renovation is being done, so here are some measures that you can implement to make sure nobody gets hurt in the process:

  • Use only safe materials – there are many substances that are no longer used in building and renovation projects because of the health risks they entail. These substances include lead paint, asbestos, adhesives, varnishes and sealants that emit toxic vapors and many others, so make sure that you know exactly what your building substances contain and avoid using hazardous materials;
  • Use safety equipment – safety garments, such as helmets, non-slip work shoes, masks, work gloves, protective eyewear and fall-arrest systems, such as guardrails and harnesses are also essential for making the renovation site a safe place, good a good Bentonville roofing contractor always uses safety gear ;
  • Feeling comfortable handling work processes – many renovation projects involve climbing on ladders or on scaffolding. While falls can be efficiently prevented with the right type of equipment, being comfortable moving at heights is also very important, so the best way to stay safe during your home renovation project is to stay away from tasks that you are not comfortable with, leaving them to professionals.

Tips for Keeping Your Gutters Clean in The Winter

Helpful Tips For Maintaining A Good Roof

Keeping your gutters clean during the winter is essential for preventing water damage to your walls and your basement when the snow starts to melt and needs to be directed away from your building. Some of the tasks related to maintaining gutters clean are done in fall, before the snow comes, while others are done on the snow – here is how to make sure your gutters are perfectly functional when you need them most:

  • Clean and check the gutters before winter – remove twigs, dried leaves, animal nests, whatever debris you find in the pipes, then inspect the pipes for damage and fix whatever you can before the first snow;
  • Install gutter guards – these simple devices have been invented to keep debris away from the pipes, preventing gutter clogging by letting only water through;
  • Install a de-icer on the gutters – de-icers are electric devices that prevent the formation of ice dams on the side of the gutter pipes and eliminate snow and ice from inside the pipes as well;
  • Sweep you gutters – go outside after each heavy snowfall and use a roof rake or a broom on a long stick to sweep off the snow from the gutters, even if you have gutter protection installed. Gutter sweeping is not only great exercise, but also a great way to relieve your gutters and to ensure their work properly. Professional roofing companies like Richardson Roofing provide all these services.

How Roof Insulation Can Help You Save Money

Insulation Helps With Heating & Cooling Costs

According to the measurements made by energy experts, in an uninsulated home, more than a quarter of the heat intended to be kept inside the building escapes through the ceiling, first into the attic, then out through the roof. Having your roof inspected annually by a knowledgeable Fayetteville roofing contractor can help prevent energy loss too. Insulation is the building solution used for keeping the heat inside in cold periods and for keeping the heat outside during the hot months, thus reducing the building’s energy needs. However, reducing your heating and cooling bills is not the only way insulation can help you save money – here are some more:

  • Eliminating condensation – condensation is a phenomenon that takes place when rising hot air meets a cold surface and the vapour in the air is transformed into water. The liquid then settles on surfaces, such as the wall around the place where the condensation takes place and promotes the appearance of mold and mildew. Proper insulation prevents the process, saving money by preventing fungus-related damage and also making the home a healthier, safer environment;
  • Long-term savings with a single investment – the investment that you have to make into your roof insulation might seem substantial, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits for decades, as most insulation solutions can last for at least 40 years.

Why January Is A Great Month for Roof Replacement

January Is A Great Month

Roof replacement in January might not seem like a great idea in regions that get very low temperatures as well as lots of snow, but in geographic areas where the weather is mild and precipitation is not excessive, the first month of the New Year is just perfect for getting your roof replaced. Here is why:

  • Roofers are not busy – homeowners usually tackle roof replacement projects between early spring and late fall, even in regions that don’t get very chilly winters, which also means that a Fort Smith roofing contractor with expericence has more time on their hands to work on your project;
  • Roofers offer discounts – January being a month without too many roofing projects scheduled, most roofers are willing to accept your replacement project for more favourable rates than they would during busier periods;
  • Permits are easier to obtain – the authorities handle fewer permit requests in January, therefore authorizations are emitted more efficiently.

There is one thing, though, that you need to understand if you are planning a roof replacement for January: the weather will always have the last word, determining what can and cannot be done on your roof, so you need to be prepared that the roof replacement might take longer if there are lots of rainy or cold days in January.

Why Arkansas Homes Need Good Insulation

Tips On Home Insulation

The dominant climate in Arkansas being humid subtropical, local homeowners need to pay special attention to keeping moisture outside and to ensure that their home interiors are not affected by extremely high or extremely low temperatures. One of the ways – and the best way – to achieve suitable protection is by installing insulation of the right type and thickness, especially as good insulation can do much more than to keep moisture out. Here are a few more benefits that Arkansas homes can enjoy with proper insulation:

  • Thermal balance inside the home – the right insulation installed on the walls and underneath the roof, in the attic, will prevent warm air from escaping in winter and hot air from penetrating the home in summer;
  • Energy efficiency – the thermal balance created with the help of insulation makes homes cheaper to cool and to heat;
  • Healthier homes – by keeping moisture outside, insulation prevents condensation and with it, the appearance of mold and mildew inside the home, making interior spaces healthier to be in and safer for sufferers of asthma or of allergies;
  • Sound insulation – insulation can also keep noise outside – an aspect of special importance for homes located close to busy roads or in noisy areas.  Not only do homes need great insulation, they also need an experienced contractor to install it properly, find one at