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Fun Things to Do This Summer in Arkansas

Arkansas, also known as the Natural State, is a southern state with a diverse geography – from mountainous areas (Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains) to the lowlands along the Mississippi River.
You can have plenty of fun during the summer here, because Arkansas is full of interesting places and exciting things to do. Here are some of the highlights.  You might even consider purchasing a vacation home here, just contact a Fort Smith roofing company to inspect the roof before signing.

Organized tours
•20 Minute Ride on Segway Track
•Branson Half Day Guided Fishing Trip
•Guided Fishing Trip from Branson
•Zipline Tour of the Ozarks
•Rides on Segway Track

Historic Sites
•Fordyce Bathhouse
•William J. Clinton Presidential Library
•The Old Mill
•Johnny Cash House
•Arkansas Governor’s Mansion
•Lakeport Plantation
•1894 City Market
•Medical Arts Building
•Quapaw Quarter etc.

Water & Amusement Parks
•Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf
•Magic Springs Theme and Water Park
•Wild River Country
•Parrot Island Water Park
•Splash Zone Water Park
•Prairie Grove Aquatic Park
•Willow Springs Water Park


Arkansas hosts numerous history museums (Little Rock Central High School, The Walmart Museum), specialty museums (Ozark Folk Center State Park, Heifer Village, Esse Purse Museum, Gangster Museum) and art galleries (Arkansas Arts Center, Quicksilver Gallery, The Birdcage, Heartwood Gallery). Whatever you are interested in, you can surely find something to fit your taste.

Finally, Arkansas also has many state parks, where you can enjoy hiking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.

Best Schools In Fayetteville

Did you just relocate to Fayetteville and now you are looking for the best school for your kid? Make sure to analyze carefully your options, just to be sure that you are making a responsible choice; after all, the school is the place where your child will develop, so it must have the versatility to change from  a caring lower school to a competitive and demanding upper school.

There are 80 primary and secondary schools in Fayetteville. You can know the outside of the building is maintained by a top notch Fayetteville roofing company.   important aspect that you must know is that all schools are periodically analyzed according to various criteria that go beyond basic academic matters and also include admission considerations, extracurricular considerations and other ranking categories such as the buildings, student organizations and more.

This information is very important when you start looking for the right academic setting and help you make a realistic comparison between institutions; the most recent data available can be obtained from the national Department of Education.

Beaver Dam Elementary has one of the highest ratings and a score of 10. Cumberland County School District regroups public schools in Fayetteville, enrolling almost 25% of the school population in the town, but it has lower ratings than Alpha Academy School District. There is also Harnett County School District, but it has a rating of only 4.

Best Neighborhoods In Bentonville

Bentonville is a medium-sized city and represents the 10th largest community in the state of Arkansas. It has 8 neighborhoods and a population of about 44,500 people. Compared to other cities in Arkansas, Bentonville has expensive real estate, however, property values are low if compared with the most expensive real estate in the country.

If you decided to move to Bentonville, you should start gathering information about neighborhoods and decide which one is the best for your needs and preferences.  Start looking for a notable Bentonville roofing contractor to inspect the roof, before moving in.

Most real estate websites rank these five neighborhoods as the best in Bentonville:

•Riverwalk Farm Estates – even if it is situated in a central location, this neighborhood is still affordable
•Cornerstone Ridge is very family-friendly. Houses for sale have a median listing price of $300,000.
•Heritage Heights – a rather classic neighborhood, with older residential buildings, many of them built in the ‘80s
•Hidden Springs – this neighborhood is for nature lovers and seekers of beautiful surroundings
•Oxford Ridge – another family-friendly neighborhood located near the Bentonville Community Center

Besides the constituent neighborhoods, there are many other popular areas near Bentonville:

•Bella Vista
•Cave Springs
•Elm Springs
•Little Flock
•Siloam Springs

Bentonville surely has a lot to offer – whichever area you choose, you can be sure you will be happy here.

The Top Most Essential Exterior Remodeling Ideas You Can Consider for Your Home

Although it’s important to make your home as cozy and presentable on the inside as possible, a complete makeover for your home’s exterior will often transform the way neighbors, family and potential buyers may look at it.


Of course, making an older home look good can be a challenge. However, if your house isn’t overly damaged, and if the design is simply old fashioned, there is definitely a lot you can do to make it look appealing. If you want your home to look great, just follow these simple tips:


  • Get energy-efficient doors and windows. Their brand new look and cutting edge designs will make your home look much better, and their practical qualities will increase the overall value of your home as well.
  • Consider a new metal or slate roof to make your home look more luxurious.
  • Concrete or vinyl siding can not only raise the overall value and aesthetic appeal of your home, but may also offer added protection.
  • Think about adding unique landscaping solutions, concrete walkways and driveways and elements like solar accent lights for a more modern appearance.


Depending on your specific preferences, a local Bentonville roofing contractor with exterior product experience can easily recommend several other makeover ideas to make your home look brand new. Also, you’ll find that the prices are not going to be a problem in most cases.

Protecting Your Gutters: What Are the Main Advantages of Gutter Screens?

Gutter screens can be extremely handy when you live in an area where leaves, branches and other debris, as well as pests or excessive rainfall can end up testing the structural integrity of your gutters. Following are some of the main advantages of gutter guards or screens:


  1. They can stop leaves, branches and other types of unwanted debris from clogging or damaging your gutters. In the process they prevent the need for frequent gutter cleaning and prolong the lifespan of your gutters as well.  Bentonville roofing companies concludes gutter screens help maintain the integrity of your home’s roof.
  2. Gutter screens can also prevent gutters from premature rusting, since there is no more excess moisture from debris that gets stuck in your gutters.
  3. If you have a rainwater tank you can be sure that the gutter screens will have it filled up more quickly and easily.
  4. Insects and other pests will be prevented from breeding in your gutters. A lot of infestations start this way, and the small expense of adding gutter screens can be a great benefit when it comes to avoiding the hassle of calling the exterminator once every few months.
  5. Finally, one of the best advantages of gutter screens or gutter guards is that, once they are installed, they will only require you to have your gutters cleaned once every 2-3 years, instead of twice every year.


Gutter guards are also easy to install, and a professional service can have them set up in no time. All you have to do is call your local contractors, and they can easily provide you with a good offer.