Roofing Mistakes Roof Repair A roof is in itself is a form of protection, which keeps safe both your family and your home. But in time, like any part of the house, it may need some repairs by a skilled Bentonville roofing contractor. Here are some tips that could help you avoid some common mistakes made during roof repair.
  1. Hiring an unlicensed, uncertified and unqualified Roofing Contractor, without a workmanship warranty is the first mistake you could do, unless you know how to fix the roof yourself.  Shocking, there seem to be a lot of unchecked subcontractors too on the market.
  2. Reusing old flashing and shingles instead of replacing it is one of the most common mistakes that unprofessional roofers can do. Unfortunately, sometimes they reuse old flashing when they should replace it with new ones. This could cause even more problems to your roof, because flashing and shingles are supposed to protect your home from water infiltration and moist. A good roofing contractor should tear off all of the old roofs and then install a new roofing system.
  3. Although this might seem insignificant, this aspect is very important. So you should pay attention to the roofing nails. One of the most common mistakes is their incorrect, because they come in different shapes and sizes, based on a specific guideline.