A New Roof Adds To Curb AppealIf you have a brand new roof,  its a good idea to show it off and make it as visible as possible for everyone in your neighborhood to see it. While this outcome can be obtained through some simple, regular means such as cutting down trees from around your home or painting your house in colors that highlight your roof’s color,  there are many other,  more interesting,  creative and eco-friendly ways to do it.   Consider having a Fort Smith roofing contractor install a new skylight and additional accessories such as brand new gutters that bring visitors’ attention to your roof. Also,  you can add a colorful chimney design or even install reflective roof coating or use reflective roof paint.   Another method to show off your roof is by surrounding it with a lovely nature scene. Plant trees and large bushes strategically around your home so that the contrast between the color of the roof and the leaves and flowers will show magnificently,  especially on beautiful,  sunny days when your roof reflects the sunlight and shines through the spaces left by the trees.   These methods of showing off your roof are not just meant to be aesthetic but practical as well. You’ll find that most experts will recommend them for keeping your roof looking great and remaining durable in the long run as well.