Raising a building requires large quantities of materials and their production typically involves high energy consumption, deforestation, spreading harmful substances in the air etc. That is why the solution is to use building materials able to ensure sustainable development. Current trends include designing low-energy buildings, at reasonable prices. Classical brick and concrete constructions are more and more challenged by buildings using eco-friendly materials. Although the price per square meter may be higher than the cost of a traditional building, the advantages of the eco-friendly constructions prevail, and the costs will turn to be advantageous in the long run due to lower energy bills, other non-energetic benefits, as well as low-maintenance costs. Eco-friendly building materials include recycled materials, renewable and durable (their quality is very high today, which ensures the longevity of the building). At the same time, they are less polluting, contain no harmful chemical elements, and the process by which they are produced does not generate dangerous amounts of waste, as in the case of producing traditional construction materials.  Eco friendly Fayetteville roofing companies help in this area. Considering this current trend related to eco-buildings, we can now seriously start thinking about self-support using alternative, local resources to generate energy (solar, wind, geothermal).