Dealing With A Roof LeakRainstorms are, for many homeowners, when they discover they have a leaking roof, especially in geographic regions that get very little rain or after an unusually lengthy drought. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do if you discover the leak in the middle of a rainstorm is to mitigate the damage inside the home – here is how:
  • Grab all the buckets and large pots in the home and use them to collect the water pouring or dripping from the ceiling to avoid damage to your floor and your furnishing items;
  • Find the source of the leak on the ceiling and poke it to release the water – leaks usually appear after water has been accumulating in the attic for a relatively long time. Most leaks start as minor issues and they aggravate over time, as the water accumulated underneath the roof soaks through the ceiling. Poke the wettest point of the wet patch on the ceiling – that way you will accelerate the draining process;
  • Go up to the attic with some buckets and place them under the hole in the roof to collect the rainwater before it reaches the attic floor. Make sure you go up every hour or even more frequently, depending on the intensity and the duration of the rain, and empty the buckets to prevent the access of water to your ceiling.  Call one of the local Bentonville roofing companies to help immediately.