roofing contractor roof leaking icicles There are many potential problems that could result from a damaged or poorly built roof. However, not all of them will be covered by your regular homeowners insurance. Knowing what is and isn’t covered can be very important, since it will give you some idea of what you might have to do to prevent damage that would be quite expensive to fix.   Homeowners insurance will typically cover a lot of the damage resulting from rain and snow. However, the trick is that it won’t cover the repairs required to fix your roof. If the leak is caused by a plumbing issue due to, for instance, burst pipes because of the cold, then that will be covered in full. However, when your roof is leaking, the insurance will cover interior water damage, but not the cost of fixing the leak.   Fortunately, roof repair is quite affordable thru a Bentonville roofing contractor, and in many cases it can be resolved (at least temporarily) through simple DIY tasks. Spraying your roof with sealant will get the job done if you have the necessary equipment, and applying some special roofing tar to the damaged shingles or flashing will not even require any tools except for a simple brush. Of course, you will eventually have to address the issue by either fixing the leak properly yourself, or hiring a roofing professional to do it for you.