Roofing may look straightforward, but it can actually be extremely complicated, just ask one of the knowledgeable Bentonville roofing companies, especially with regards to the decisions you make when replacing your old roof with a brand new system. Although contractors can usually do the job much faster, you might be able to replace your entire roof as part of your own DIY project, as long as you make all the right choices.


Before replacing your roof, you’ll have to consider the specific type of roof you can set up, not only taking into account its ability to protect your home, but also the complexity and difficulty of the replacement process – which isn’t always easy without special equipment, especially for the most advanced modern roofing systems.


Once you have all the materials, and you know what to do, you have to make sure to take all the necessary precautions for placing safety first. Aside from using sturdy ladders and high quality safety gear before climbing up, also be patient and wait until any storms pass and the roof is dry, before beginning work on replacing it.


Finally, to make sure your project is a success, consider the insulating and aesthetic benefits associated with covering your decking. Also, use leak barriers around the chimney and in other key areas that could be compromised by wind damage, powerful storms and ice dams.