home valuation new roof roofing companies increase   The short answer is a definite and resounding YES! A new roof will greatly improve the curb appeal and practical value of your home, and it will convince many buyers that they won’t have to work too hard on making the property livable.   When you think about installing a new roof, you’ll find that a lot of Fayetteville roofing companies might tell you about the curb appeal of your brand new roofing system. That means your home looks great from the outside, so potential buyers will offer more for it. Selling your home is all about getting great offers, and without them, you might have to lower the price after some time.   Buyers also love the idea of buying a home with a new roof, since there are fewer risks and expenses involved. A brand new roof means that there won’t be so many leaks in the fall, and the winter snow will be less likely to adversely affect the roof in any consistent way. Moreover, a new roof doesn’t have to be repaired so often or replaced too soon. In some cases, a new roof can even last for a lifetime, as it is the case with some types of metal roofing, natural or synthetic slate, as well as cement roofing systems.