Preparing For Changes In Weather Climate can be capricious and severe weather phenomena can damage a roof; hail is one of the most dangerous and a Fayeteville roofing contractor should always explain the risks to their clients and help them choose the most resistant materials. Manufacturers` warranties normally will not cover hail damage, but you should still try to determine whether such coverage is available, especially if you live in an area prone to frequent and severe summer storms. Can you easily detect hail damage? Not necessarily. Hailstones have different size and density, therefore the signs they leave on a roof are more or less visible. The damage also depends on the resistance of the roof. There are roofing materials susceptible to be more easily damaged by hail (ceramic tiles) and also materials designed to be very resistant to impact (metal, slate). Sometimes it takes the experience of a specialist to identify hail damage on a roof, therefore building owners should call roofing specialists and schedule inspections after each severe weather phenomena. The most common type of hail damage
  • Loss of shingles granulation
  • Cracks, dents and splits in the shingles
  • Small deformations
  • Exposed or fractured fiberglass mat
  • Loosening of the self-seal strip
  • Gutters punctures or denting