roofing product choices contractors install A house without a roof is not a house. There are different types of roofing materials: soft and hard, rolls and pieces, flat and profiled. Some of them are more suitable for country villas and farm buildings, others for townhouses, commercial centers, industrial buildings etc. To make a good choice, you need to have an idea about the different types of roofing materials you can opt for by talking with a Fort Smith roofing contractor and having them come out to talk about the following options: Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles are a traditional roofing option. They are generally made of burnt clay, with various additions, and have different production methods. Concrete tiles This is a modern roofing variant. Concrete tiles are generally made of cement mortar, with various additives. Roofing boards and panels This represents a wider category of products, which includes corrugated boards and panels made of fiber cement, slate boards, profiled or stamped panels, made of plastic or bituminous materials. Metal roofing Metal is a material frequently used for roofing nowadays, mainly due to the fact that it is lightweight, recyclable, it can take various forms and be installed easily. Membranes, bituminous shingles This category includes two types of products: waterproofing membranes (bituminous, polymeric or other materials) and bituminous shingles (with or without protection, granular materials or sheet metal protection).