Keep Your Roof Protected From Hail Damage One thing is well known by everyone, when it comes to the evolution of weather: it is unpredictable. Over its lifetime, a roof will face different meteorological phenomena and they will be sometimes severe. Its main role is to protect the building from the weather, but bad weather and especially hail can cause serious damage to a roof. Among the roofing materials most susceptible to be da maged by hail are those made of ceramic. We recommend that you pay attention to the potential weather consequences on your roof, to prevent costly problems. Ideally, roof system manufacturers should inform and explain to the owners the damage that hail can cause and how they should act if they experience such problems. At the same time, the owners of the buildings should check the clauses in warranty certificates to see if they cover damage caused by hailstorms. If you want to be sure that your roof is resistant enough, you should consider installing materials resistant to impact. Like we said before, ceramic tiles should be avoided if you live in a region prone to frequent summer storms, because hail may crack or dent ceramic tiles. Impact-resistant roofing materials include:
  • Metal roofing or standing seam roofing
  • Stone coated metal shingles
  • Natural or synthetic slate roofing
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