Roofing Inspections Roof Hail Damage Hail damage is among the most common and most frequent forms of roof damage and one that is not always easy to detect. Here are the signs to look for:
  • Leaks – when hail hits your roof, it can cause cracks and holes in the roof through which water can penetrate the deeper layers of the roof and the attic area. The most evident sign of hail damage can come as damp patches on the ceiling or, in more severe cases, as water dripping or pouring from the ceiling;
  • Missing roofing components – hail is usually associated with high winds that can rip off roofing components, so when the storm is over, check the roof for missing pieces;
  • Hairline cracks and small indentations – these minor and seemingly unimportant forms of damage can aggravate quickly, turning into large cracks and holes, so they need to be remedied in their incipient phase;
  • Flashing damage – the stripes of material intended to strengthen the areas around roof openings, such as skylights, can also be cracked and dented by hail;
  • Damage to the chimneys – the walls and the caps of your chimneys can also suffer damage from hail. It usually manifests in the form of cracks and dents, and should be inspected by