Helpfu Tips roofing Fort Smith   As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to consider what exterior decorations you will be using. Lights are pretty much traditional throughout the United States, and many people tend to compete against their neighbors and prove that they can come up with the flashiest and most awesome lighting and decorations before the coming of Christmas.   To turn your house into a magnet for people’s attention, it’s essential that you know how to put up your holiday lights near your roof as well as on top of your roof. Here are a few Fort smith roofing tips to help you out:  
  • Consider your safety above all else. Use an insulated and locked ladder as well as a sturdy harness to support yourself while you’re setting up the lights.
  • Make sure you never work with live wires while you’re up there, even if you are using an insulated ladder. Before going up, test the lights to see if they’re working, but always unplug them beforehand to make sure that you won’t get an electric shock in the event that you handle a poorly insulated wire.
  • Use plastic clips to secure the lights and wires to areas that are less prone to being electrical conductors. This can be tricky if you own a metal roof, but in most cases the use of plastic clips will do their jobs and keep the voltage from being driven through your roof, even if the insulation fails at some point.