Richardson Roofing Right Contractor To Hire Hiring a contractor can be pretty hard. There’s a lot you have to keep track of, and depending on the area you live in, the contractor you hire will be required by law to be licensed and insured. However, this rule doesn’t apply to all states, and if in your state DIY roofing is allowed, then you can hire an unlicensed contractor or a general contractor to take care of your roof for a lower amount of money. The question is, should you do that? It’s not that general contractors can’t help you out. Many of them have excellent technical skills, and some might even have a lot of experience with roofing. However, the problem is that that’s not their specialization. As the name suggests, they are general contractors, meaning that they’re like a Jack of all trades, who can handle everything from basic HVAC maintenance to siding replacement and fixing your broken plumbing. However, when a more complicated project is required, a professional will be the more suitable choice.   Even though some general contractors might only ask for a limited amount of money for labor, and they could get your roofing materials pretty cheap, it’s typically best to just hire a reputable and professional licensed roofer such as Richardson Roofing in Arkansas for anything that involves more than basic roofing maintenance or replacing a few asphalt shingles.