Roofing Contractor Uprgrading Roof And Adding Skylight A roof replacement is an expensive investment and will turn your house into a construction site for at least a week. So, this is the moment to consider other home upgrades you can perform, since you have a team of workers and the mess from roof replacement activities.   Here are a few useful suggestions:  
  1. Install Skylights
Natural light is free and is also better for the eyes than artificial light. If you are replacing your roof, you should ask the contractor whether it is feasible to install several skylights. The best areas for skylights are corridors (where people usually bump into pieces of furniture) and the rooms you use most frequently, such as the living room and your home office.  
  1. Install Eave Flashing
Eave flashing is a self-adhesive membrane made of bitumen. They are applied to the exterior wall plane before placing the shingles and act as a watertight seal over the eaves. This will prevent water from seeping into the wall and forming ice dams during the winter.  
  1. Choose Energy Efficient Roof Insulation System
Saving money and energy are two key issues for homeowners. Most people have understood the need to protect the environment and use natural resources responsibly. They also see the mounting prices of electricity and heating and try to cut back on these expenses.   The solution is to replace the current roof insulation with an energy efficient material. Discuss with your Fort Smith Roofing contractor and you will find an efficient and cost-effective solution.