Roofing Companies Insulated Roof Reduce Your Energy Bill   Home ventilation, more precisely, attic ventilation, plays an important role in maintaining the air in your rooms healthy by reducing or completely eliminating the risk of mold, mildew and other issues caused by fungi and it is also essential for maintaining your home’s energy needs as low as possible. Attic ventilation systems consist of vents installed on the roof, usually one at the base of the structure and one at the top, right under the ridge. In summer, the system has the scope of ensuring the proper circulation of air underneath the roof to lower the amount of heat that gets transferred through the roof into the attic and from there into your rooms, while in winter, it prevents the appearance of condensation under the roof. Your attic ventilation system installed by one of the Bentonville roofing companies can also benefit from fans installed under the roof – your fans will improve the efficiency of air circulation, making sure that moist and hot air leaves your attic as quickly as possible. While in winter, the role of your attic ventilation is to maintain the attic in good condition, in summer, the system allows you to save a lot on your cooling bills. A properly ventilated attic will make it easier for your cooling equipment to do its job, allowing you to save not only on your energy bills, but on unnecessary equipment repair costs as well.