Be Ready To Say Hello To Winter Roofs, whatever their condition, need all the help they can get to be able to withstand the winter – the freezing temperatures, the weight of the snow that presses hard on the roof surface and on the gutters are harsh even on new roofs. Roofing companies like Richardson Roofing of Arkansas can handle roofing calls not only if they are hired for repairing or replacing a roof, but also when they are called to prepare roofs for the winter – here is what they will do on your roof:
  • Cleaning and inspection – your professional roofing team will clean every inch of the roof, of the vents and of the gutters. The purpose of thorough cleaning is not only cleanliness per se, but the prevention of any damage caused by the moisture trapped in the debris that has accumulated on the roof, the de-clogging of the gutters and it will also reveal the damages that would remain invisible underneath the dirt. When the roof and the gutters are clean, your roofing expert will check for any damage on the roof and in the adjacent areas;
  • Repairs – your roofing team will then fix the issues found and they will also fortify the roof to enable it to hold up the weight of the snow and to go through the winter without ice dams.