Roofing Companies Roof Installation Save Money Even though it can sometimes be expensive to install, additional roof and attic insulation can be a great asset in the long run. You’ll often hear Fort Smith roofing companies and renovation experts point out this fact with great enthusiasm, trying to tell homeowners what a great deal it would be to install some added insulation before the freeze of winter sets in.   But why is roof insulation such a good idea, and how can it really help you save money? The answer is simple: by helping you avoid the hefty expenses of an overused heating system.   As we well know, boilers and furnaces tend to be overused during cold winters, especially when your house doesn’t have much protection, and the heat trapped inside can easily exit, requiring further heating. Your roof and attic are typically the places where most of the heat escapes, since heat tends to seek higher ground, and your roof is the most exposed to the elements – especially when there’s a storm or the freezing wind blows more intensely.   As a result, added roof insulation will often help prevent most of the heat from escaping, reducing the required heat output of your HVAC system, and thus preventing the need for overusing your furnace and possibly even leading it to break down when you need it most.