roof shingles wind damage roofing companies repair Wind damage is often a big problem, and a lot of people will even call that an understatement. As strong winds hit your home, the most problematic area is the roof, as it will receive the impact head on, and the wind can easily dislodge some of the shingles or blow off damaged and loose pieces of flashing.   After a powerful storm, chances are your roof might look somewhat beat up. Fortunately, there are a few things you or your Bentonville roofing companies can do to minimize the damage to your home and fix your roof as soon as possible.   First, make sure you act fast. Evaluate the full damage, and don’t just look at the surface. Sometimes leaks are a result of internal as well as external roof damage, so it’s best to inspect your roof thoroughly or pay for a professional to do it for you.   Check the flashing and fix it as soon as possible. Damaged flashing often leads to leaks that can end up causing a lot of water damage which could affect your walls, your roof’s interior structure and your belongings.   Patch up broken, cracked and loose shingles as soon as you see them as well. Left unchecked, such issues can lead to further wind damage and water damage, as the vulnerable shingles are swept away by powerful storms.