Think Safety First Prevent Roofing Contractor Falls   One of the dangers of roofing is that it’s possible to fall and injure yourself. This is why roofers oftentimes point to the importance of avoiding DIY roofing practices that are unsafe, such as getting to the top of your roof after a storm or climbing up without a harness.   Roofers don’t just tell you to avoid such activities because you don’t have experience. Even someone with a lot of experience could slip and fall at some point. So taking every possible safety precaution is something that even the best roofing experts will need to think about.   Some of these precautions might include wearing special roofing boots or other safety gear, such as a helmet and a harness. The harness is essential, since it provides a secondary safety measure aside from the roofing boots and the sturdy ladder used for climbing to various areas of the roof. A good harness will be fastened to a sturdy area of the roof, such as a large chimney, and it will support the body weight of the roofer in case they fall.   Such measures are essential whether you’re a professional roofing expert like or a DIY enthusiast. So make sure you consult your local roofing experts regarding the best practices for roofing safety, to avoid falling during your DIY roof inspection or repair projects.