Cut Commercial Roofing Energy Costs The roof on any building is among the largest surfaces through which energy can escape, which also means that a roof made from an insulating material or a roof fitted with suitable insulation can significantly decrease the energy exchange between your building interior and the outside world. Given that your energy bill includes costs related not only to powering your machines, to illumination and to heating or cooling the air one time, but also to heating and cooling air that escapes through the roof, minimizing the quantity of the heated or cooled air that the roof lets out will reduce your energy bills. Here are some tips about how to minimize energy exchange:
  • Use the right color – white and other light colors reflect solar heat, while dark colors absorb it. Choosing the color of your roof in line with the type of climate that your building is located in might translate into significantly lower energy bills;
  • Use the right material – some roof covering materials have better insulation properties than others, so make sure to choose your material based on the specific temperature-related features of your region;
  • Use the right type of insulation – almost any roof needs some type of insulation underneath the surface and properly chosen insulation supplied by Bentonville roofing companies can reduce your energy bills noticeably.