How Soon Should You Inspect Your Roof After A Storm Storms come and go, and they don’t always affect your roof. If you just had your roof replaced 1-2 years ago, you should be relatively safe, especially if you own a high quality, expensive, metal or slate roofing system. However, an older asphalt shingle or composite roof can be a problem, and it might also require more  frequent roof inspections.   So when should you have your roof inspected after a storm? The verdict is out on several periods, especially since there are many more factors to consider than most of us would assume. The real problem is that, aside from the possibility of having your roof damaged, there’s also the risk of running into a  few storm chasers when you try to find help right after a storm.   The best solution would be to have one of the Fort Smith Roofing Companies do a general inspection of the roof yourself (make sure to take all the safety precautions while you’re at it), and ascertain whether or not the roof suffered any visible damage, or if there are any leaks. If you find problems that have to be dealt with immediately, then it should be of paramount importance to locate a dependable roofing professional at once.   On the other hand, if you can’t see anything immediately wrong with your roof, it’s usually best to take your time searching for a roofer. Make a note of the companies you find online, and contact them. Then based on reviews, a quick online background  check and the services and experience they have to offer, you can choose a company to do a thorough roof inspection.