new roof roofing company If you have made up your mind to get your old, failing roof replaced and now you are checking out the prices, you surely know by now that roof replacement requires a substantial investment, even if you use cheap materials. If paying for your new roof out of your pocket is not an option (it is only for very few people), don’t despair – here are a few financing options that you should know about:
  • Payment in instalments – most roofers accept partial payments, especially for large projects. They might not offer the solution upfront, so you will have to ask;
  • Common loans – though considered to be an expensive form of paying for your roof, you can take out multiple loans, including a personal loan, a home equity loan or use your credit card;
  • Company financing – this option is offered by many reputable roofers including those from Richardson Roofing and it involves financing obtained by the roofing company from a bank and on behalf of the client. The loan usually comes with very favorable conditions because it relies on the reputation and the financial track record of the roofer;
  • Tax rebates and other incentives – if you decide to use green roofing materials or other materials that significantly improve your building’s energy efficiency, you might be eligible for financial facilities from your state or region.