Roofing Contractor Specializes In Roof Leaks The source of the water leaks from the roof is often hard to find and this operation might give headaches even to the Fort Smith roofing contractor who specializes in finding roof leaks. This is because every element of a roof can cause leakage – the cover, or what is under the cover, the rainwater collection system, the vents etc., because of broken, missing or old materials and accessories. In order to solve the problem of a roof leak, specialists have developed and implemented, over time, different solutions based on various technologies. One of these is the infrared technology. With it, they can more effectively identify wet areas and determine the cause of roof leaks. Infrared rays measure the heat emitted by a surface or object, which is collected by a special camera that translates information into images. Subsequently, they are analyzed by specially trained professionals, who determine if there are any anomalies. This procedure is effective towards the end of the day, when the objects and surfaces heated during the day are not exposed to sunlight anymore and start to cool down. Detecting roof leaks with infrared technology seems to be a complex science, but it is not so. The principle of applicability is actually very simple and intuitive. Water that seeps under the covers, as well as the area where this happens will be warmer at the end of the day than the rest of the roof areas, because moisture retains for a longer time that accumulated heat. This will be an obvious difference on the infrared camera, but also for the technician who interprets the data.